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Rob Each day thousands of leagues, organizations, and events benefit from our Online Registration service. eteamz is not just the place to create a web site and a chat with sports fans all over the world. Another popular service we offer is Online Registration, which is built right into each of the eteamz web sites and available separately (for those of you without web sites.) Online Registration is full service (yes, free and live phone support ) for leagues, camps, organizations, or any event needing a very easy, convenient, and organized solution for collecting participant registrations and fees.

Just a few of the benefits:

  • Drastically reduce data entry workload.
  • Improve data accuracy and completeness by reducing the number of hard to read forms.
  • Great customizable reports allow you to track registration dollars more openly and efficiently.
  • Increase league revenues by collecting online donations, selling merchandise, sponsorships and fundraiser/volunteer buyouts all by credit card online.
  • Save money by reducing mailing costs (no more expensive registration packets) and data entry expenses.
  • Grow your organization by ensuring no one falls between the cracks - registration is live 24 hours a day.
Some of the largest organizations in youth and adult sports trust The Active Network to provide secure and reliable registration services: Little League Baseball, MLS Soccer Camps, NFL Youth Programs, USA Hockey, Chicago Marathon, L.A. Marathon, and Sport & Social Clubs of the U.S. Click here to read customer testimonials.

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    What's Up?

    From our Partner NFL Youth Football - Attention ALL eteamz Members! Get out of the Stands and onto the Field! Participate in this year's NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments for your chance to advance to the National Tournament of Champions at DISNEY'S WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS® Complex in November.

    2004 Tourney Sites
    (site locations and dates subject to change)

    Miami Dolphins
    Miami Dolphins Training Facility
    October 9, 2004
    New York Giants
    East Windsor PAL Complex
    October 9, 2004
    Arizona Cardinals
    Arizona Cardinals Training Facility
    October 16, 2004
    San Francisco 49ers
    San Francisco 49ers Training Facility
    October 16, 2004
    Baltimore Ravens
    Druid Hill Park
    October 23, 2004
    Chicago Bears
    Grant Park
    October 23, 2004
    New York Jets
    North Campus Intramural Fields at Hofstra University
    New York Jets Training Facility October 24, 2004
    Atlanta Falcons
    Atlanta Falcons Team Headquarters
    November 6, 2004

    Click here to find out how to get involved!

    eteamz Domain Change Completed! - Attention ALL eteamz Members! You may notice that when you type in your browser, you end up at Rest assured; the address, your eteamz web site address and your custom web address (domain name, if you have one) will function as usual. You DO NOT need to change anything. If you wish, you can use the new address, but your current eteamz site will continue to work as it does today. Why the change, you ask? This will help implement a universal login for and, and will pave the way for new integrated registration forms, fundraising programs and more, built right into your eteamz web site!

    If you experience problems viewing eteamz pages or logging in: You will need to delete stored Cookies or remove any Cookie-defeating tools (AdSubtract, CookieCrusher, certain firewalls, etc.) while you access the eteamz site. If you experience any login issues on the Internet Explorer browser, please review the information below.
    • Click Tools, then choose Internet Options
    • Click the Privacy tab at the top of the Internet Options window
    • On following window, click Edit under the Web Sites heading
    • On following window, enter "" and "" separately, and click Allow for each
    • Click OK in bottom right of window when finished
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    What to Eat When You Travel How to Choose High-Performance Foods when Traveling

    Eating on the road can pose a challenge for athletes striving to maintain a training diet that has adequate energy, carbohydrate, protein and fluids. More...

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    Ericha 101 with Ericha

    Hello eteamz fans,

    Welcome to the September addition of the eteamz newsletter. Thank you to everyone that took last month's poll (What's your favorite fall sport?). Xtreme Sports was the top choice with 30% of the votes.

    Finished with a Season?
    Are you finishing your Spring/Summer season? Be sure you login to your site's Admin panel every couple months so your site isn't deleted. Basic sites that go unused for 6 months are subject to deletion. PLUS sites are not subject to deletion.

    Who made that update?
    If you have more than one Admin on your site you can tell who made updates and when within several sections of your site Admin. You'll see the Admins nickname on the top gray bar of that specific page. Would you like to see who made a roster entry for example? Go to your Roster page and click the edit icon next to a member. Here, you'll see which Admin made the last update to that member.

    For example, the Admin information will display as: Added: 9/8/2004 11:34AM by Ericha

    Special Characters
    Be sure you do not to use special characters in your file names. Special characters are things such as quotes, the pound sign (#) and extra spaces.

    Hall of Fame Questions: If you have any suggestions for the next newsletter, send an email to:

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    Featured Online Registration Clients Click to visit
    Stop the waiting in line! Collect team and player fees online!
  • St. Monicas Basketball (MO)
  • Dakota Futsal League (ND)
  • Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball (VA)
  • Garland Girls Basketball Association (TX)
  • Spring Klein Basketball Association (TX)
  • Hart Baseball (CA)
  • Tassajara American and National Little League (CA)
  • Hopkinton Little League (MA)

  • Click the image below to walk-through a sample registration!

    Click to View a Sample Registration!

    NOTE: You do not need to fill out any information. Simply view the content and click the links at the bottom of the pages to walk-through.

    Visit for full details.
    Want a shot at some cash just for telling a few friends about your site? Get your fellow team and league members involved today!

    Winners displayed below are from last month's contest. The contest starts over the first of each month.
      Top Team Winners - August 2004
    1. St. Joseph's Pilots - 45550 pts.
    2. Baldwinsville Pop Warner - 31626 pts.
    3. Northwest Raiders Athletic Assoc. - 30039 pts.
      Top League Winners - August 2004
    1. MLLBA - 243028 pts.
    2. Great Falls Lacrosse Association - 224502 pts.
    3. Pickering Ringette Association - 66088 pts.
    Visit for details on how to participate and qualify for your shot at some big bucks.

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    Spotlight Sites
    How do they do it? Where do they get the time? Well, it's not as hard as it looks. Below are a few of our site building stars that can provide some inspiration and ideas for both new and long time eteamz users.

    Congrats to the October 2004 Spotlight winners! Be sure to stop by their guestbooks or message boards.

    Maple Grove Dance Team
    BSA Troop 761
    Mississauga Jets Minor Atom
    Team Extreme
    Top Gun All-Star Cheer
    Xtreme Edge 16U
    Medford Youth Girls Softball
    Oregon District 9
    Arizona Multi-Events
    Virginia District 1 Little League

    If you think your site deserves to be in the spotlight, sign up today at!

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    Collision! SnapShotz Photo of the Month

    Submitted by: Monica Aulich

    The North Mississauga Rusties under 16 girls Elite Rep team played in the Ottawa Invitational Tournament July 31 - August 2 and secured 2nd place, beating out the 3rd best team in Quebec.

    Alex, sandwiched in between two players from Quebec, fights hard to control the ball, and finally does manage to win it.

    eteamz wants to see what you're all up to on the field, court, rink, water, whatever. Be a part of the eteamz SnapShotz program and send us your favorite sports photo. Click here to submit a photo.

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    Thanks for reading the September newsletter!

    Until next time...

    Rob Costlow
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