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Hello eteamz fans,

How's everyone doing? Hope you're all doing great. I'm still recovering from a Halloween sugar overload. Why is it so easy to eat Halloween candy!? Perhaps the candy companies are all in an addictive ingredient conspiracy. Goes down like water. I had to force myself to throw the rest out.

I noticed many teams online with eteamz have been in their local paper(s) recently. Be sure to give your web site address when you're submitting news/scores to your local paper. Therefore, readers of your article can check out your site and even leave you a message. You'll also help increase awareness of eteamz and get other coaches and administrators using the services that benefit you. Let's continue to think about how we can keep growing the community. The larger the community, the more resources and contacts we all have to better our sports.

If you have an idea on how to expand or improve the community, email us at

Lots going on here this month. Please take a couple minutes to review the updates and news below. Be sure to check out the inspiring SnapShotz photo this month.

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    eteamz Updates

    File/Handout Upload Issue Fixed! - Admins, you should not experience any more issues with the file overwrite feature. The wacky and intermittent issues when attempting to overwrite existing files, images, sounds and videos have been resolved (via the Admin Upload section). After overwriting, your file extension and name will remain as it was before. But, any changes you made to the content of the file will be applied.

    Click to Visit! Hot Topicz - Have an opinion? Come share it on the new Hot Topicz message board. Hot Topicz is our new program where eteamz features influential guest speakers from the team and youth sports market. The speakers start a topic, which is open for discussion. Anyone in the eteamz community is free to join in.

    You can access the Hot Topicz discussion from the top of any eteamz message board. Click here for more information and to learn about our current speaker. Over 13,000 members participated this past week!

    Spooky Winners! - Congratulations to this year's Spooktacular Site Contest II Winners! Check out the winning sites below. It was VERY tough to choose this year. Hundreds of great sites entered the contest. Thanks to ALL webmasters who participated. - Very organized, well decorated, and included Halloween history - Included a very cool flash intro and lots of Halloween content - Lots of great images and content from games to haunting stories

    Click for Information on PLUS! Great Time to Buy PLUS - If you've been holding off from upgrading to eteamz PLUS, now is a great time to purchase. Prices are scheduled to increase beginning in January 2004. Click here for more information on eteamz PLUS.

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    Soccer Dreams Click Here to Order!

    This new book by Leah Lauber describes her incredible adventure following the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team as a fan and 12-year-old Junior Reporter, as the team prepared for, and won, the history-making 1999 Women's World Cup. Soccer Dreams will take you on Leah's unlikely-but-true journey. Illustrated with 200 color photos and featuring unedited interviews from nearly every team member, this is a unique gift any sports fan will enjoy. Click here for more information and to order Soccer Dreams. This would be a great holiday gift!

    Click here to check out a recent story on the book in the St. Petersburg Times.

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    Click Here to Visit the Store! Sports "R" Us - The Best Sports Store for Kids!

    We know kids and how challenging it can be to find just the right gear for their favorite sport. We make it easy with our "Just for Kids" area. Sports "R" Us has lots of easy-to-use shopping features including buying guides with expert tips, sizing charts (by age, height, and weight), customer recommendations and reviews. Start your Holiday shopping today... at Sports "R" Us!

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    Goal Army Info Goal Army!

    Grab your cleats and come play with MLS Pros like Landon Donovan, Richard Mulrooney and Bobby Rhine. The U.S. Army is sponsoring 14 FREE soccer clinics from Nov. 14 - Dec. 14, 2003! Register TODAY at or call 1.888.543.7223, ext. 232.

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    101 with Ericha 101 with Ericha

    Hello eteamz fans!

    Winter sports are just getting started. eteamz is here for all your sports from season to season. Are you involved in a ski club or other winter sport? Bring it online.

    48% of you that took last month's poll thought (or maybe hoped) the Red Sox were going to the World Series. Maybe next year? I went to two of the playoff games against the Yankees and had a great time. Check out some of the pictures.

    We've received a lot of questions on uploading images. Be sure that when you save images from your software program, you select the "save for web" option. This will ensure that the images are adaptable to our site. Other questions we've received are images appearing too large. You'll also need to save them as a gif or jpg file in order to upload them.

    If you don't have a photo editor, there are a few below that you may want to use.

    Check out these rockin' sites I came across: (One of our new scouting sites!) (Hockey fans, check out the Hockey Hints page!)

    Look out...your site may be next.

    If you have any suggestions for the next newsletter, send me an email to:

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    Featured Online Registration Clients Click to visit Stop the waiting in line! Collect team and player fees online!
  • Wills Park Baseball (GA)
  • Concord Soccer (DE)
  • Lake Forest Little League Baseball (CA)
  • Saratoga Little League Baseball (CA)
  • Let it Fly (National)
  • Visit for details.
    Want a shot at some cash just for telling a few friends about your site? Get your fellow team and league members involved today!

    Keep in mind, winners displayed are for the previous month. The contest starts over the first of each month.
      Top Team Winners - October 2003
    1. New York Predators - 78960 pts.
    2. South Sacramento Vikings - 51780 pts.
    3. Dublin Community Swim Team - 36598 pts.
      Top League Winners - October 2003
    1. Dumont Little League - 225696 pts.
    2. Green Brook Hockey Club - 58508 pts.
    3. Flight Zone Football - 36878 pts.
    Visit for details on how to participate and qualify for your shot at some big bucks.

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    Spotlight Sites
    How do they do it? Where do they get the time? Well, it's not as hard as it looks. Below are a few of our site building stars that can provide some inspiration and ideas for both new and long time eteamz users.

    Congrats to the November 2003 Spotlight winners! Be sure to stop by their guestbooks or message boards.

    93 Manitoba Moose AAA Hockey
    Lady Dragons Basketball
    G F A Dragons Field Hockey
    Texas Trouble
    Hot Shots- Pacific Soccer Club South Girls U16
    NewCastle Rough Riders
    Tualatin Valley Youth Football League
    Basking Ridge Little League

    If you think your site deserves to be in the spotlight, sign up today at!

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    Time for a Shower!? SnapShotz Photo of the Month

    No Intimidation!
    Submitted by: Mat Adams

    Girls just wanna have fun. Madison, of the Heartbreakers soccer team, goes after the ball and will not be intimidated by the boys. Doesn't "Heartbreaker" seem to be an appropriate name for this situation!?

    eteamz wants to see what you're all up to on the field, court, rink, water, whatever. Be a part of the new eteamz SnapShotz program and send us your favorite sports photo. Click here to submit a photo.

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    Way to go Madison. Don't ever let intimidation take over. That goes for all of us. We have so much more potential than we credit ourselves. I challenge you to overcome one of your "intimidators" this month. Whether it's standing up for a belief or approaching a fellow player about their attitude, do your best to not let fear get the best of you.

    Have a great month. Happy Thanksgiving early! Click here for Thanksgiving history and customs. Travel safely and save plenty of room for pumpkin pie. Mmm!

    Until next time...

    Rob Costlow
    Community Manager
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