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Rob Costlow

Hello eteamz Fans,

Happy summer! I'm sure many of you will be taking time off for summer vacations soon, if not already. I wish those of you traveling a fun and safe journey. Be sure to stop by eteamz in-between your summer adventures and chores to see what's new. Please help us out by spreading the word about Tell all your friends!

A national event coming up you may find interesting involves one of our very own Tee Ball teams. The Naval Base Little League Yankees will be playing on the White House lawn June 22. They will be facing the Fort Belvoir Little League Braves. Click here to read about the game.

Have you ever checked out our online tips and drills? Coach Vic, our online basketball coach, recently took a long journey over to Croatia. Click here to check out his adventure.

What's your call on the NBA finals? Spurs or Nets? Or, perhaps you really don't care. Voice your opinion on the Team News & More message board.

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    Site Updates

    Member Profiles - A new Security section has been added to Member Profiles. You may change your profile when logged into eteamz web sites or within the eteamz message boards. Click the edit profile link next to your eteamz nickname at the top left of an eteamz message board or top right of an eteamz web site. You will be directed to a page displaying your current profile. Click the "Edit Profile" link in the upper right of the page. You will see four sections. Be sure to click on the new Security section to create a security question. This will allow you to obtain your username/password online if you should lose it. You may also change your eteamz password in this new section.

    Site Performance - The technical department has been working very hard on site performance. They have made major improvements to the eteamz application and hardware. They continue to work hard on new enhancements. The performance improvements should be very obvious to those of you that have been online with us the past couple months. A big THANK YOU to the hard work of our tech team.

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    Sign Up Online for a Camp Near You

    Check out one of our special partner camps below. Click on a camp that interests you to register online immediately on Hurry before the camps fill up.

    2003 Cleveland Browns NFL Youth Football Camps    2003 NFL New York Jets Youth Football Camp

    Click on one of the images above to find out more and register for the 2003 Cleveland Browns NFL Youth Football Camps or 2003 NFL New York Jets Youth Football Camp. If there was no NFL youth football camp in your area this year contact your local NFL team and ask that they bring a camp to your city. Tell them to contact the NFL Youth Programs group to get started. Click here for details on all NFL Youth Football programs.

    Make IMG Academies your summer camp destination! Work with the coaches that have trained some of the world's greatest sports champions. After hours go to the movies, malls, beach, and visit Disney, MGM, Universal, and Busch Gardens theme parks on certain weekends - all in one trip! Book before June 30th and attend before August 31st to receive $100 off of any junior short-time program in Bollettieri tennis, Leadbetter golf, soccer, baseball or basketball. Other restrictions apply.

    Use the discount code eteamzimg to save $100. Click here to choose a camp and register online now!

    Major League Soccer Camps is a world leader in youth sports education with 30 years of sound coaching experience. Click here for information on the programs offered and benefits. Click here to locate a camp and register online now!

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    Dealing with Shin Splints Fitness Myths

    Consumers are constantly bombarded with fitness information and "expert" advice from questionable sources. The American Council on Exercise recently asked fitness professionals which exercise myths are most common among their clients. More...

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    101 with Ericha 101 with Ericha

    Is it already time to gear up for tournament season? We've had a lot of questions regarding tournament brackets (where to find them, how to enter them, etc.).

    We offer a software product called myteam Tournament Builder Pro. With this software you can create brackets, schedule tournaments, update scores and post directly to your eteamz site. Click here for more information.

    For those of you that are not participating in summer tournaments, now is a perfect time to get involved in summer activities. Did you know you could build a site for your yoga class, swimming class, kayaking, weight lifting, golf and many more!

    If you won't be using your current site throughout the summer, be sure you login in to your Admin every few weeks. If you have a basic site and it isn't updated within a 6-month period it will be deleted (we send warnings 1 month in advance to the email address on record). If you have a PLUS site, no need to worry.

    If your email address has changed, you can update it by following the instructions on our FAQ Page.

    As always, check out these cool sites I came across: (great idea for schools)

    Look out...your site may be next.

    If you have any suggestions for the next newsletter, send an email to

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    Coach Vic Goes to Croatia

    eteamz' online basketball coach, Vic Pruden (aka Coach Vic), took his wife to see the places he had visited on an earlier trip to in Croatia, particularly the Island of Vis where he introduced Bee Ball at a basketball camp for 8 weeks in 1991.

    He held another short camp recently. This camp was organized by an organization from Zagreb called Vucici. It all happened as a result of Vucici seeing the Coach Vic eteamz web site.

    Click here to check out Coach Vic's web sites, tips and background.

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      Top Team Winners - May 2003
    1. Grizzlis - 175304 pts.
    2. Club Cheer Twisters All Stars - 57270 pts.
    3. Springfield Nighthawks - 36334 pts.
      Top League Winners - May 2003
    1. MD AAU Girls Basketball Official Site - 365754 pts.
    2. Milford Hopedale Youth Soccer Association - 58716 pts.
    3. Fishkill Little League - 35604 pts.
    Visit for details on how to participate and qualify for your shot at some big bucks.

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    Spotlight Sites
    How do they do it? Where do they get the time? Well, it's not as hard as it looks. Below are a few of our site building stars that can provide some inspiration and ideas for both new and long time eteamz users.

    Congrats to the June 2003 Spotlight winners! Be sure to stop by their guestbooks or message boards.

    Oakhurst Country Club Swim Team
    Flag Bulldogs
    R&J Concepts Inc. Novice "A" Lacrosse
    Rocket City Stingers 10U
    Bethesda Roadrunners
    American Canyon Little League
    "C" LadyeHawks
    Temecula Little League Softball
    Arvada West Wildcats Women's Basketball
    North Pittsburgh Youth Hockey Association
    Ryan Hamilton Racing

    If you think your site deserves to be in the spotlight, sign up today at!

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    Mount Hamilton Lobitos eteamz All-Stars Winner
    Mount Hamilton Lobitos

    In March 2003, the Mount Hamilton Lobitos won the '03 Snickers State Cup in California.

    Santa Cruz Assault played a great game against the Lobitos, but the Lobitos shutout the Assault 2 - 0. The field was turf which made it difficult for both teams to play on.

    The Lobitos webmaster sends a special thanks to all the parents for their ongoing support. And a special thanks to Gaby for coaching and motivating the boys.

    The Lobitos are on their way to Oahu, Hawaii for the Regionals June 22-28, 2003.

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    I just want to let you know I'll be coming along to Hawaii. Someone from eteamz should be their to cheer on the Lobitos. Right!? I need a tan too. Seriously, have a great trip. All of us here at eteamz wish you the best of luck. Play hard and have fun! Everyone feel free to chat about the Mount Hamilton Lobitos or any related topic on the Soccer message boards.

    Want to be an eteamz all-star? Send me a photo and description of your team, league or individual all-star. I'm looking for all-stars to highlight in upcoming newsletters. If I choose your team, league or individual all-star, I'll publish your information in the newsletter and give your web site eteamz PLUS free for a year.

    Send your photo, description and web site address to

    Have fun this summer. If you get caught on a rainy day, get online with us and strike up a chat on the bulletin boards. You can also work on your web site for this fall. Never too early to get started.

    Until next time...

    Rob Costlow
    Community Manager
    Active Team Sports

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