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Happy New Year eteamz Fans!

It has been a rough start to the new year. The tsunami and dangerous weather in many parts of the nation are terrible to watch. It has been very heartwarming to see the outpouring of support and assistance being offered those in need all over the world.

In these days where so many people take so much for granted, it is imperative that we make the most of each day. Find something you're passionate about and use your privileges and talents to help others with similar interests/talents to develop, reach their goals, and make the most of their lives.

This mentality can be applied to any of your sports. Don't take the privilege of playing a sport for granted. Practice hard, be a team player, and when you see an opportunity to help someone out (whether it's advice, monetary, or just lending a helping hand), try it. The world is always watching. Would you be embarrassed by some of your recent actions on the court, track, rink, or field? Your attitude and how you apply yourself will make all the difference in your life, and everyone will benefit.

If you'd like to help out with the tsunami disaster, the International Community Foundation is using one of our services (www.ActiveGiving.com) to collect donations for the UN Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund. Please visit www.active.com/donate/UNtsunami to read more and make a donation.
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    eteamz Updates

    Dixie Youth Joins eteamz! - Attention ALL eteamz Members - We have modified the date and time options when entering a Calendar event. There are now check boxes that allow you to show or hide the Start Time, End Date, and End Time. Each item has its own check box. You also have the option to make all three items display as TBA. Your settings will apply and display appropriately on your site Calendar.

    Are You Getting Ready to Start a New Season? Are You the New Webmaster for Your Site? - Click here to review FAQs that will help you get your eteamz web site up to speed for the new season.

    2004 NFL PPK National Finals Press Release - 32 Finalists Chosen Out Of 3.5 Million Youngsters For NFL Pepsi Punt, Pass And Kick National Finals. Click here to read the press release.

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    Finding the Energy Finding the Energy: To Get It You Have To Spend It

    Exercise provides energy, but you need energy to exercise. If you don't keep your eye on your goals, it's easy for exercise -- and the good habits that sustain it -- to be left out. Here are some ideas. More...

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    101 with Ericha

    Ericha Hello eteamz fans,

    Welcome to the January edition of the newsletter. Thank you to everyone that took last month's poll - "Which bowl game is your favorite?" The top choice was the Rose Bowl with 45% of the votes.

    Have your members forgotten their usernames and passwords?
    No problem! You can retrieve usernames and passwords for your "Invited" members by going to the Members folder in the Admin. Click the icon to the right of a member's name, and on the following page select "yes" next to "Resend Invitation" and confirm by clicking the "Update Member" button. For people already listed as a "Member" on your member list, click the icon to the right of their name, and on the following page click the "Send Username/Password" link. Since they've already joined and registered as a member of your site they don't need the invitation.

    Message Center
    We've received great feedback about the Message Center. Click here if you're not familiar with the Message Center. Keep in mind that if you contacted support via your Message Center or your PLUS folder, a response is sent to your personal Message Center. The Message Center is not email. You can access your Message Center at anytime from any computer, all you need is your eteamz username and password.

    New Season (PLUS sites)
    You can add a new season within the Seasons folder in Admin. Click the "Add Season" link then select your season name, date and type of season. Select it as the Current Season then click the "Add Season" link. The season you select as the "current season" will be the default on the site and when adding information within Admin. If you're adding information to other seasons be sure you select the appropriate season from the "Select Season" drop down box (upper right of the Schedules, Division, Teams, Roster and Board Admin folders).

    Click here to review the "New Season" tutorial. This is a quick guide to help prepare your web site for a new season.

    Hall of Fame Questions: If you have any suggestions for the next newsletter, send an email to: erichastips@eteamz.com.

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    Featured Online Registration Clients Click to visit active.com
    Stop the waiting in line! Collect team and player fees online!
  • Lower Gwynedd Baseball (PA)
  • Greenwich Village LL (NY)
  • Fairfax Little League (VA)
  • North Naples LL (FL)
  • Annapolis Youth Lacrosse (MD)
  • Glendale Little League (WI)
  • Houma Terrebonne Soccer Association (LA)
  • Camarillo PONY Baseball (CA)
  • Menlo-Atherton Little League (CA)

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    Winners displayed below are from last month's contest. The contest starts over the first of each month.
      Top Team Winners - December 2004
    1. MVGS 8U Cyclones - 163618 pts.
    2. Oakland Smoke - 66770 pts.
    3. '89 Twisters Green - 49104 pts.
      Top League Winners - December 2004
    1. Alpine West Menlo Little League 2005 - 502972 pts.
    2. Rancho Penasquitos Little League - 268476 pts.
    3. Madison Junior Lacrosse Club - 96780 pts.
    Visit www.eteamz.com/epointz for details on how to participate and qualify for your shot at some big bucks.

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    Spotlight Sites
    How do they do it? Where do they get the time? Well, it's not as hard as it looks. Below are a few of our site building stars that can provide some inspiration and ideas for both new and long time eteamz users.

    Congrats to the January 2005 Spotlight winners! Be sure to stop by their guestbooks or message boards.

    Smokey Mountain Sting
    Moore Intimidators
    Parkland Area Soccer Club
    Elkhorn Wrestling Club
    Anderson Lacrosse
    Clintondale Little League
    Edmonton Storm
    Markham Waxers Midget AAA
    Team Mass

    If you think your site deserves to be in the spotlight, sign up today at www.eteamz.com/company/sites/spotlight!

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    Good Hit! SnapShotz Photo of the Month

    Submitted by: Kevin Wagner

    This picture was taken of 14 year old Erin Wagner of the Buffalo Regals Girls hockey team during the forth overtime period of the semi final game of the New York State Amateur Hockey Association tier II Tournament in Skaneateles, New York. It was the second longest game to be played in state tournament history. The expression on her face reflects the focus and determination of her entire team. They won that game and went on to win the state championship game, which was played three hours later on that same day. More proof that the Face of Hockey is changing.

    - Kevin Wagner

    eteamz wants to see what you're all up to on the field, court, rink, water, whatever. Be a part of the eteamz SnapShotz program and send us your favorite sports photo. Click here to submit a photo.

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