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Happy Holidays eteamz Fans,

Rob Costlow I wish all of you the best this holiday season. Stay safe, warm, and take some time to relax with your friends and family. If you wish to collect donations on behalf of any special charity, event, or individual this holiday season, please click here to learn about our ActiveGiving donation service.

Unfortunately with all the holiday fun and spending comes impostors who try to gain financially by deceit. Recently, impostors have been sending out email messages to eteamz members acting as if they're active.com or eteamz.com staff. This is similar to what eBay, CitiBank, and other large companies have been dealing with for a good part of 2004.

If you receive any messages pertaining to our business that do not come from an eteamz (@eteamz.com) or active (@active.com) email address, it is likely an impostor. Most importantly, we will never anonymously ask for your personal or billing information over email. If you receive an email from any suspicious sources, do not reply. We built the new Message Center for you to help avoid these types of issues.
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    Get eteamz PLUS Today! New PLUS Features

    Attention PLUS site administrators! A little something just in time for the holidays. If you haven't noticed, we launched three new PLUS features this week.
    1. Change the order of your site menu (including News items) within the new Page Ordering section (under the Admin Site Appearance folder).
    2. For those sites with statistics, you may now choose to hide specific statistic categories you do not use. You will choose to show or hide these categories when editing or adding a schedule within your Games section (under the Admin Schedules folder).
    3. In the Labels section (under the Admin Site Appearance folder) you may now change the label for "Home" (which is the main link site visitors click to get back to your site home page).
    Don't have PLUS? Get the all-inclusive Holiday PLUS package, which includes Basic PLUS, Advertising Options, and a FREE 40MB space upgrade for one year (saves you $39.90)! This offer good through 1/4/05.
    Click here to build a new site, or you can login to your current site Admin, click the PLUS folder, and choose the Holiday Special.

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    Great Holiday Gifts in Our New Video, Book, & DVD Store!

    Don't forget the perfect stocking stuffer for the coach or athlete on your list! Championship Productions, our new sports instructional resources partner, offers more than 3,000 high-quality instructional videos, books & DVDs perfect for coaches, athletes, and parents ... in over 20 sports! ChampionshipProductions.com features America's top coaches and instructors whose names and programs are synonymous with success! Click here to check it out!

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    Muscle vs. Fat Remember: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

    If you have repeatedly tried and failed to lose weight, you might be like many who focus primarily on reaching a certain number on the scale. If you are exercising, remember: Muscle weighs more than body fat. More...

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    101 with Ericha

    Ericha Hello eteamz fans,

    We're coming upon our busiest time of the year, when admins are gearing up for the spring season. That usually means changing your web address, site name, contact information and webmaster. We also have a list of frequently asked questions for adding a new season (PLUS sites only).

    Scheduling on Team Sites
    If you have a Team site type, be sure you schedule games with your team. Your team is listed in the Teams folder in bold print. Some admins make the mistake of adding their team a second time in the Teams folder and scheduling games with that "opponent team". The Teams folder in a Team site type is where you enter your opponent teams only, for scheduling purposes. In order for your scores and stats to update, you need to be sure you schedule the games with the correct team.

    The College Football bowl games are just around the corner. Which bowl game is your favorite? Take my latest poll and let me know.

    Check out these cool sites.

    www.hsfootballeurope.com - this cool site is from Germany!

    Hall of Fame Questions: I hope you have a fun and safe holiday. See you next year!

    If you have any suggestions for the next newsletter, send an email to: erichastips@eteamz.com.

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    Featured Online Registration Clients Click to visit active.com
    Stop the waiting in line! Collect team and player fees online!
  • Appleton Little League (WI)
  • Northeast Columbia Soccer Association (SC)
  • Fairfax Little League (VA)
  • Destin Little League (FL)
  • Beverly Hills Little League (MI)
  • NFWB (MI)
  • Warwick Soccer (NY)
  • Moraga PONY Baseball (CA)
  • Alameda Little League (CA)

  • Click the image below to walk-through a sample registration!

    Click to View a Sample Registration!

    NOTE: You do not need to fill out any information. Simply view the content and click the links at the bottom of the pages to walk-through.

    Visit www.eteamz.com/registration for full details.
    Want a shot at some cash just for telling a few friends about your site? Get your fellow team and league members involved today!

    Winners displayed below are from last month's contest. The contest starts over the first of each month.
      Top Team Winners - November 2004
    1. Ajax United Lightning Girls Soccer - 546236 pts.
    2. Morinville Icehawks PeeWee - 101140 pts.
    3. Bishop O'Dowd Baseball Program - 33294 pts.
      Top League Winners - November 2004
    1. Glendale Little League - 309700 pts.
    2. Coconut Creek Little League Baseball - 199210 pts.
    3. Tustin Eastern Little League - 198528 pts.
    Visit www.eteamz.com/epointz for details on how to participate and qualify for your shot at some big bucks.

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    Spotlight Sites
    How do they do it? Where do they get the time? Well, it's not as hard as it looks. Below are a few of our site building stars that can provide some inspiration and ideas for both new and long time eteamz users.

    Congrats to the December 2004 Spotlight winners! Be sure to stop by their guestbooks or message boards.

    Camp Iyataka - Sioux Council, BSA
    South Texas Juniors
    Cincinnati Xtreme
    Deloraine Bantams
    Sycamore Arsenal U-9 Girls
    Burlington Township Unlimited Cheerleaders
    Saddleback Valley Hoops
    Schaumburg Sluggers 14U - Black
    North Dallas Cowboys

    If you think your site deserves to be in the spotlight, sign up today at www.eteamz.com/company/sites/spotlight!

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    Good Hit! SnapShotz Photo of the Month

    Practice Hard
    Submitted by: Lee Pulver

    This was just another beautiful day down at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio. The building in the background is the BP building in downtown Cleveland.

    Our girls are doing what they do best, practicing hard... that's how they became the #1 Girls HS team in Ohio last season.

    - Lee Pulver

    eteamz wants to see what you're all up to on the field, court, rink, water, whatever. Be a part of the eteamz SnapShotz program and send us your favorite sports photo. Click here to submit a photo.

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    Thanks for reading the December newsletter! Happy Holidays!

    Until next year...

    Rob Costlow
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