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Hello eteamz Fans,

Rob Do you have Olympic fever? Maybe you're excited, or maybe not. Regardless, please keep the athletes in your thoughts and prayers. This is a great event to unite our country as well as make us more aware of other cultures. Please keep sportsmanship at the top of your mind as you watch or attend the games.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the Olympic games as well as our everyday amateur sports here in America. I've seen, read, and heard A LOT of things lately in local sports that are truly embarrassing. We often forget these are games. They are not life or death events. We learn from them. They entertain us. They teach our youth teamwork, leadership, and values. Let's not make "winning" a must. Learning to work together and doing your best are key factors to any team. That's what makes a winner. Too many times do we overlook this fact and get caught up in being number one. We hear this ALL the time, but many of us don't truly apply it to our lives. There is more pride in being a positive example.

Who's your favorite Olympic athlete? Who will surprise us this Olympics? Click here to start a topic or reply to a current topic on one of the eteamz Message Boards.

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    eteamz Updates

    eteamz Domain Change Completed! - Attention ALL eteamz Members - You may notice that when you type www.eteamz.com in your browser, you end up at http://eteamz.active.com. Rest assured; the eteamz.com address, your eteamz web site address and your custom web address (domain name, if you have one) will function as usual. You DO NOT need to change anything. If you wish, you can use the new address, but your current eteamz site will continue to work as it does today. Why the change, you ask? This will help implement a universal login for Active.com and eteamz.com, and will pave the way for new integrated registration forms, fundraising programs and more, built right into your eteamz web site!

    If you experience problems viewing eteamz pages or logging in: You will need to remove any Cookie-defeating tools (AdSubtract, CookieCrusher, certain firewalls, etc.) while you access the eteamz site. If you experience any login issues on the Internet Explorer browser, please review the information below.
    • Click "Tools", then choose "Internet Options"
    • Click the "Privacy" tab at the top of the "Internet Options" window
    • On following window, click "Edit" under the "Web Sites" heading
    • On following window, enter "active.com" and "eteamz.active.com" separately, and click "Allow" for each
    • Click "OK" in bottom right of window when finished
    Message Center - Attention ALL eteamz Members - A smooth transition has been in process the last month on eteamz. Moving from email correspondence to the new eteamz Message Center has been flawless. Aside from a few forgotten user accounts, the Message Center has been providing the eteamz community 100% reliable support as well as the ability to chat with other eteamz members in private correspondence.

    Each of you (players, parents, coaches, Admins, fans, etc.) have a personal profile page and Message Center on eteamz! The Message Center allows you to privately contact other eteamz members as well as eteamz Support without having to use email. This is a reliable and convenient tool that allows you to avoid SPAM, viruses and other issues email can produce. If you haven't used this new feature, please be sure to click here for more information! More features and services will be coming for your profile pages in the future.

    Little League World Series - Attention Little League Fans - Look for the eteamz/Little League Network trailer at the Little League World Series. The road to Williamsport, PA is nearing to an end. On August 15, all World Series teams will be decided. Games start August 20! Click here for a list of televised games. If you'll be in attendance, be sure to stop by our trailer and pick up your official 2004 Little League Network trading pin. If you need help with any of our services, please come by and we'll be happy to assist you.

    Little League players ages 5-12, click below to sign-up for the LLB Network Club!
    Renewal Notices - Attention PLUS Members - You may hear a strange computerized voice on your phone or answering machine in the future. Don't hang up! We are sending automated messages to the phone numbers associated with eteamz PLUS accounts that are about to expire. The messages will ONLY be sent to those accounts that have inaccurate billing information on file. The message informs you how to update billing information. We don't want you to lose any content or features associated with your web site. This is already proving to be a very helpful service, especially to those sites that are in the off season.

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    Beat the Heat How to Beat the Heat

    With warmer weather comes increased risk of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Learning about heat-related illnesses is an important step in preventing them. More...

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    Own "Mickey" the Movie - Buy Now & Save $5!

    Mickey "MICKEY," starring Harry Connick Jr., is story about a 12-year-old baseball phenomenon, who by talent and a strange twist of fate, finds himself at the Little League Baseball World Series, illegally. Written by best-selling author John Grisham and directed by Hugh Wilson, this film is loved by team sport PLAYERS and FANS worldwide!

    SPECIAL OFFER ENDS SOON! Available ONLY through our EXCLUSIVE ONLINE OFFER, buy your MICKEY DVD today! But hurry! This special offer ends September 10, 2004!

    Click here for more information and to purchase!

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    Ericha 101 with Ericha

    Hello sports fans,

    Is summer really coming to an end? It couldn't be time for football and fall ball again! What will be your favorite sport to watch this fall? Let me know by taking my poll.

    We've received many questions regarding games. Cancelled games will be removed within 48 hours if you don't reschedule them. To de-cancel a game and reschedule it, click the reschedule icon next to the appropriate game. Then, make any necessary changes to the date or time.

    Upcoming games, practices and events will appear on the home page within 7 days of today's date. They will appear or disappear from the home page according to the date. In order for it appear on the home page; make sure you selected it to be displayed on the home page when you schedule it. Note: this is a PLUS feature.

    Here's a great tutorial for adding games, practices and scores: http://eteamz.active.com/support/walkthrough/manual.cfm#schedules

    Check out these cool sites I came across:
    http://eteamz.active.com/texaskraze (Beware, I had their song stuck in my head all day) http://eteamz.active.com/atlantavipers12u (Check out the snake and mouse near the bottom of the page)

    Hall of Fame Questions: If you have any suggestions for the next newsletter, send an email to: erichastips@eteamz.com.

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    Featured Online Registration Clients Click to visit active.com
    Stop the waiting in line! Collect team and player fees online!
  • Western Hills LLB (TX)
  • Leander Cedar Park Baseball (TX)
  • Olde Providence Recreation Association (NC)
  • Ames Soccer (IA)
  • West Des Moines Soccer (IA)
  • Lakota Sports Org (OH)
  • Orono Thunder Soccer Club (MN)
  • Northeast Louisiana Soccer Association (LA)
  • Biloxi Soccer Organization (MS)
  • Greater Memphis Soccer Association (TN)
  • Salem Youth Baseball (NH)
  • Ponca Soccer Club (OK)

  • Click the image below to walk-through a sample registration!

    Click to View a Sample Registration!

    NOTE: You do not need to fill out any information. Simply view the content and click the links at the bottom of the pages to walk-through.

    Visit www.eteamz.com/registration for full details.
    Want a shot at some cash just for telling a few friends about your site? Get your fellow team and league members involved today!

    Winners displayed below are from last month's contest. The contest starts over the first of each month.
      Top Team Winners - July 2004
    1. Johnson-Lambe Co. - 209280 pts.
    2. Hurricane Futball Club '93 Shubert - 144256 pts.
    3. Bangu FC Tsunami Explosion - 85488 pts.
      Top League Winners - July 2004
    1. Orono Thunder Soccer Club - 177456 pts.
    2. Gainesville Little League - 97024 pts.
    3. I-AA Football - 52136 pts.
    Visit www.eteamz.com/epointz for details on how to participate and qualify for your shot at some big bucks.

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    Spotlight Sites
    How do they do it? Where do they get the time? Well, it's not as hard as it looks. Below are a few of our site building stars that can provide some inspiration and ideas for both new and long time eteamz users.

    Congrats to the August 2004 Spotlight winners! Be sure to stop by their guestbooks or message boards.

    Warwick Continental LL
    Hurricane Futball Club '93 Shubert
    District Five British Columbia
    Space Coast Rockets
    Maryland Football Association
    Sheboygan Lakers High School Hockey
    Hawaii Warriors Basketball
    Glitz Cheer
    Quick Six Flag Football

    If you think your site deserves to be in the spotlight, sign up today at www.eteamz.com/company/sites/spotlight!

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    Great Catch! SnapShotz Photo of the Month

    Great Catch!
    Submitted by: Wes Odle

    The Heatwave was playing in the Tennessee State tournaments in Crossville when Lu Lu made an outstanding catch.

    They did not win the state, but finished a respectable 8th of 18 teams with a young lineup.

    eteamz wants to see what you're all up to on the field, court, rink, water, whatever. Be a part of the eteamz SnapShotz program and send us your favorite sports photo. Click here to submit a photo.

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    Thanks for reading the August newsletter! Best wishes for those of you going back to school. Listen, study, and apply yourself. You know if you're doing your best. Also, good luck to all of you playing fall sports. Practice hard and try to focus on working with your entire team toward success. Be a team player.

    Until next time...

    Rob Costlow
    Active Team Sports
    Active Network, LLC

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    NFL Youth Football

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