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Hutchinson YMCA Football

Welcome to the 2010 Hutchinson Tackle Football Web Site. We hope you have a fun and exciting time this season. Keep looking at this site for the latest information on game scheduled, maps, inportant dates and times and any cancellations that might come up. Make sure you use this site and keep yourself updated.


Below is the Board for the Mid-States Football League for 2009.

Darrin Regier - Hutchinson - President
Kristi Akler   - Cheney
Steve Ratzlaff - Halstead
Barry Jones - Andover
Stuart Carder - Wichita United

Good Luck To All.

Wednesday, August 11
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Wednesday, August 11

Friday, August 31
Remove all Name Tags off Helmets

You will need to remove all name tags on all helmets before your first game. Please take time to remove all sticky glue off the helmet with WD40 and a rag. Also remember no decals or stickers are allowed on any helmet.

Wednesday, August 13
Helmets and Mouth Pieces

REMEMBER::::: NO STICKERS OR DECALS of any kind are allowed on Helmets.

Also clear mouth pieces are NOT ALLOWED . All mouth pieces need to be connected to the players helmet at all times.


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Wednesday, May 26

We would like to welcome Leon - Bluestem to our league this year. They will have a combined 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade teams. They will be hosting games at Leon High School and their colors will be Black/Gold/White.

 Welcome to our League