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TBALL IS OCTOBER 27, 2014 @ 5;30PM

8U, 11U, & 12/14U IS NOVEMEBER 3, 2014 @ 6:00PM 


Coaches Please turn in Raffle tickets to a board member as soon as possible as the raffle is set for October 24. A YFTL Board member will be available at Joe Henry Field today the rest of the week. Thank you.

Games for October 7, 2014 have been canceled due to weather. Games will be rescheduled and determined at a later time  


Effective October 6, 2014 half-season rules are in place

1. - A pitcher may pitch entire game with free substitution

2. - 1st 3 innings are a maximum of 5 runs

3. - In 11U, girls may steal home and advance more than one base on all over throws.

*** Note - Mini-Sox rules are the same 


YFTL Fall 2014 Fundraiser

We are asking our players to sell raffle tickets to help raise money for YFTL. This fundraiser helps YFTL keep registrations costs down, buy new equipment, and pay for our umpires. Raffle tickets are $2.00 each.  Raffle will be held on October 24, 2014 at Joe Henry Athletic Complex Field. You do not have to be present to win

 Prizes are:

1st place raffle ticket winner = $300.00

2nd place raffle ticket winner = $100.00

Top selling team will get an ice cream social for the whole team

Individual top seller will receive a $50.00 gift card to Sports Authority

Thank you once again for your support of YFTL and good luck !!! 


*** We ask that all coaches collect and turn in money with any unsold tickets by no later than October 17, 2014 ***   


Any questions or concerns please email or call the league 

Speak directly with a Board Member or leave a message to have a board member contact you

Email us for info at
Call us

Seen any good games?  Put them on our website under the message boards or upload to our Facebook Page

Taken any good pictures?  Add them to the Shutterfly Albums in YFTL Pics

Are you interested in becoming a Sponsor? Want to Sponsor a team or make a general donation? Find a Sponsorship Form in the Handouts Section!

preview Centerfield (Let's Go!)

To All YFTL Fast Pitch Coaches

Reminder of Sportsmanlike Conduct 

This is a recreation ball league and must maintain and encourage the development of young athletes.  Please, keep this in mind and try your best to keep the scores reasonable.


Running up the score by demonstrating a domination of one's opponents, and intimidating them and future opponents, by embarrassing an opponent or to make a point, and by scoring points just for the sake of scoring more points, are forms of unsportsmanlike conduct.  Allegations of poor sportsmanship are often brought up soon after a team scores multiple times near the end of a one-sided match.


The most common negative consequences of running up the score are injuries to a game's starting players, lack of experience for the non-starting players on the team, and opposing teams remembering a shellacking and plotting revenge in a future meeting.


Please, keep this league fun and educational.

      YFTL Board


*FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE - Always treat others (coaches, parents, officials, and players) the same way that you would want your child to be treated.  Set the example by showing respect, dignity, and total sportsmanship at all times.

*PARENTS - Youth baseball/softball is for kids.  If you find yourself becoming too emotionally involved in what's happening on the fields, take a step back, relax, and enjoy the game.  Remeber, give the young players the freedom to enjoy playing.

*BE RESPONSIBLE - Please bring your child to practice and games on time.  Make sure they are prepared with their uniform and cleats.  Teach the benefits of eating properly before a game and how important it is to drink water/fluids during the games.  Also, be on time to pick up your child after practice.  The coach sets practice times and depends on yo uto be there so he/she can go home too.

*BE SEEN, NOT HEARD - Nothing is better for a young player than having their parents present to watch them play.  Nothing is worse for a player than hearing a parent booing, taunting, screaming, or making comments at or about, players, coaches, fan and/or officials.  Offer applause and cheers of encouragement for both teams, following a good play or great effort, otherwise keep negative comments to yourself.

*IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN - Help make it that way!  Keep sminling.  Encouragement, enjoyment, and participation rather than the end results of whether your player's team wins of loses.  Should be the focus; if it's not fun, something's wrong.

*MOTIVATE THROUGH CONFIDENCE - Try and identify a position, aspect or thing your child did from every game or practice, and tell them about it to help build confidence.  A young player's sense of achievement is the greatest motivator.

*DON'T QUESTION AN OFFICIALS CALL - You may not agree with a call, but it's not your job (or the players or coaches) to officiate the game.  Never should an official's call be argued by anyone.  Accept the call and move on.

*TALK WITH THE COACH AFTER THE GAME - If you have concerns regarding how the coach is running the team, please speak to them privately the next day.  Let the heat of the moment pass.  Never make a scene in front of the team as it's embarrassing for you, your child and the coach.  Also, take the time to compliment the coach.  Remeber, they colunteer many hours to help give your chld a positive experience.  You may also contact the Recreation Supervisor to voice your concerns.

*PUT WINNING AND LOSING INTO PERSPECTIVE - Games have winners and losers.  Speak with your child, and let them know it's alright to lose; the important thing is that the experience was a positive one.

*AVOID THE POST GAME ANALYSIS - Don't analyze your player's performance following every game.  If you do, chances are they will avoid talking to you after games, or worse yet not want you at the games at all and quit playing.  Let your child come to you for advice and again, always be positive.

*PRACTICE - Take the time to practice with your child; it will help improve their skills and will enhance the quality time you spend with your child.

Any Question or Concerns email YFTL at YumaFTL@gmail.com

YFTL Facebook Page


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