yboa alabama: Getting Started with YBOA



To participate in Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) sanctioned events, players & coaches must be registered members of YBOA. Registration with YBOA is simple and affordable. Here are some easy steps to get your team or organization started with YBOA.

STEP 1: Develop your organization structure, philosophy, and budget. An organization can be independent teams, league teams, Parks & Rec, YMCA, and PAL, etc.

  1. Determine a team or organization structure such as directors, coaches, etc.
  2. Determine organizational philosophy and team guidelines, playing time, etc.
  3. Develop a budget that includes registration, uniforms, travel, basketballs, etc.
STEP 2: Determine the composition of your team(s).
  1. Determine your team's grade level and eligibility
  2. Determine how players will be selected (tryouts, invitation, combination, etc.)
  3. Determine how many players will be held on each roster

STEP 3: Register for Team Membership. YBOA Team Membership is only $125.00 and includes your YBOA Team Registration and up to 12 Player Registrations with Liability & Secondary Accident Coverage. (Additional players may be added for only $10.00 each. Coaches must register through the YBOA Coaches & Officials Association for only $15.00 each which includes a mandatory background check

STEP 4: Become familiar with YBOA Rules & Regulations