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Youth Basketball of America, the premier youth membership organization in the sport of basketball, strives to provide opportunities for personal growth and development of youth athletes while also reinforcing positive influences, self-confidence, self-esteem and the ability to excel on and off the court.  Through participation, YBOA is dedicated to educate and motivate each member while encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship and fun through the spirit of basketball. _________________________________________________________________



We're a little over a month away from the "John Allen Kickoff". Make sure to get your teams registered and signed up to play. Follow these two easy steps to play in YBOA tournaments.

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YBOA Alabama Scoring & Automated Rankings System 
YBOA Alabama will launch the new automated state rankings system for the 2014 tournament season. The system will automatically update state rankings after each tournament and throughout the entire season.


YBOA Alabama will also continue to offer the 'real-time' scores & game alert system at all YBOA Alabama events. This system allows coaches, players, parents, and guests to receive text scores and game information updates directly to their mobile phone. Follow your team, your division, or every team during a tournament throughout the entire 2014 YBOA Alabama season.


Coming soon: New website! 


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Thank you for your continued support of YBOA ALABAMA.
Michael Allen
Alabama State Director of Basketball
Youth Basketball of America (YBOA)
Please note that 33% of all entry fees will go to Jonathan's Trust Fund, John and Karri's son.

Click Here for information on YBOA Super Regional Championship