Xtreme Heat-El Paso: Welcome

Monday, May 23
After 3 Tournaments in 2011

Attn: Xtreme Heat Family,

 After this weekend's softball tournament in Las Cruces, the players on Xtreme Heat have gained a lot of game-time experience that will benefit them going forward.  I was very pleased to see that our girls are coming of age with their skill sets (offense & defense).  The goal of this team is to get some consistency which will lead to team success in looking ahead in 2011 & beyond. 

This weekend's tourney showed some more improvements but also showed what this team needs to focus on.  First the good; on offense: In the lead-off position, we're looking for Annelise to continue leading this team off.  Kayla and Nikki had a solid tourney at the plate (welcome back Nikki....  :-)  Alex found her bat and used it this weekend with some solid hits (nice job girl).  And Ashley had some key hits this weekend in helping this team do as well as it did in Las Cruces.

On Defense, the coaching staff is so pleased on the "coming-out" party Sarah has had these last two tournaments.  She has played a solid 2nd base; her hard work is paying off (GREAT JOB SARAH!)  Kayla is continuing to excel at first base......... (might be time for dad to buy a first base mitt...........go get him Kayla......  :-)  And Nikki, I took a chance and it paid off by playing you at 3rd base this weekend.  You did a nice job.  This does not mean you will not be catching because you will; I just needed one of my older girls to step it up and you did.  As for the catching, there were some nice points Vanessa did but the one thing that over shadows her good points is her consistency in dropping the pitched balls.....  I know you're working hard on this Vanessa.  As for Clarissa, she had some plays at the plate that defined her as a quality catcher.  Nice job but I need more focus on the everyday work ethic as this will only help you become the player I know you can become. 

Savannah had a catch in the outfield that was a game changer.  Then she fired it back into 2nd base as the runner thought the ball was over her head......  we almost got her out but the fact that she executed is what counts.  This team will continue to learn and "FINISH".   She also had an episode (attitude) that the coaching staff did not take very kindly too.  This MUST change or stricter action will be taken....... Please don't let it come to this point.

Alexis, you are becoming a solid outfielder; the catch you made running up to it was a very pleasant surprise.  Continue with the focus and better things will follow (I promise).  Kasey, you had one good play in the hole to throw out a base-runner; this was nice BUT there needs to be more of this from you to help this team move forward.

And as for our pitching, Ace and Kasey held up very well.  Ace, you pitched the most and allowed this team to get as far as it did.  Kasey was there to help you out and vice-versa.  You guys are a solid 1-2 punch.

The only thing that kept this team from PLACING in this last tourney was our conditioning.  This team was tired and that is the difference between contenders and pretenders...........  Please continue to work hard.

We're looking good to play over the next two weeks (Memorial Day & Ruidoso).  Stay tuned for more updates. 


Coach Hector 


Tuesday, May 3
Cinco de Mayo Results

For the first tournament of the year, we did some good things and we did some bad things.  Some of the items that need work on are:

For the Good News, Kayla was placed in the lead off (batting) position and she did a nice job.  Also #34 did play a good 1st Base (on Saturday).   Briana had some good hits on Friday; and Nikki had some key hits here and there.  Ashley was hussling while playing the outfield on Saturday (nice job)!  And Briana did have a running catch down the foul line in the outfield.  Sarah attempted our first diving (flyball) catch; NICE JOB and I see some nice things in the future if she continues to work.   Amanda & Kasey showed some good quality "At Bats" during the tourney; & Annelise, nice job on pitching.  Each game she pitches Xtreme Heat is in a position to compete.  Please keep up the hard work each of you put in outside of team practices.

Items that need work on:

  •  Players understanding they need to be focused throughout the entire game.
  • Knowing what actions they need to do "BEFORE" the play or ball is hit to them!
  • Outfielders need a lot of work
  • Catching flyballs consistently

 The items below are issues that need to be addressed immediately if this team is to compete in 2011. That is what this coaching staff will work on this month; I'll say it once I'll say it again:  I STRONGLY recommend that parents work with their daughters outside of practice. 

Looking forward to the upcoming tournaments as the girls will get better; it's not about winning and losing at this point.  Their skill sets is what is important.


Until next time,

Coach Hector