SINGAPORE X MEN BASEBALL CLUB: Latest X: We are the Champions!

Monday, June 26
We are the Champions!

The Singapore X Men Baseball Club are the 2006 baseball champs in Singapore.

The semi-finals between our arch-rivals Final Stage Baseball Club (FSBC) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAFSA) saw SAFSA demolish FSBC 13-4 on 3 HRs which apparently included 2 grandslams. This was a shocker of sorts, as FSBC had been tied with the X Men for first place during the league games, and we expected them to come out on top in this game. But, in the bigger perspective of things, for the promotion of baseball in Singapore, it was great to see a Singapore team in the championship game, especially since the team that we faced consisted of young men serving national service duty and what one may consider the next generation. The game needs people like those on the SAFSA team to take up the baseball torch and promote it here.

The X Men side went through the league with very good defense. The team had an ERA of 2.90. At times, the players (especially the outfielders) complained that they were not getting enough fielding opportunies and were plain bored standing out on the field, as our pitchers kept retiring the side on Ks and infield grounders. The pitching staff was that strong.

The X Men offense did not let down either. Although we fizzled a bit in the play-offs, we had a team batting average of .377 and an OBP of .537. More importantly, the batting often came in clutch situations. The team recorded 37 stolen bases in 8 games.

A very special thank you goes out to Synertek Asia Pte Ltd who sponsored part of our league participation costs. We hope that we did our sponsor proud. The team continues to look for sponsors and would be happy to hear from our website visitors.

The team will be taking a short break, but FSBC have informed us of their desire to keep playing friendly games, and we have also spoken to the soldiers in SAFSA who left a good impression on us with their baseball skills and their desire to play a good game of baseball. We do hope that those young men continue to keep that desire burning strong for the sake of the future of baseball in Singapore. Hip, hip hooray to SAFSA! Thanks to FSBC for a great challenge. Go X Men!