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Tuesday, October 9
Proud to be First Baseball Website in Singapore Hosted by eteamz
Register to Join Our Baseball Club

Thank you for taking up an interest in our club. The following series of pages will give you an explanation about this club and take you through the process of getting registered as its member. All of us are looking forward to having a great time playing baseball together, and hopefully winning more games than losing. If you came to know about us through our website you may have deduced that it has been awhile since the Singapore Baseball & Softball Association (SBSA) has organized the National Baseball League (NBL). The SBSA is an officially sanctioned organization under the auspices of the Singapore Sports Council.

But, before you proceed any further, we want you to know that we feel it is really important all our members go away from every club activity with a fulfilling and satisfying experience worthy of their time and effort. There is nothing better than first providing the right information to those intending to apply before they become our members and in doing so, try to ensure the applicants have been able to generate a general understanding of the principles of this club.

By going through these registration pages, we are confident you will come to recognize that we have spent that bit of extra effort to explain to you the main themes of this club. While we do prefer you go through all the pages to familiarize yourself with our club, if you wish, you may also jump pages by following the links below.