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2006 National Baseball League Champions
Tuesday, October 9
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Dear Visitor:

If you've been aching to play true blue baseball in Singapore, and you've searched high and low for a decent team, well, here's the ball club you've been looking for.  We're proud to be in our sixth year as Singapore's premier weekend baseball club. And, as you can see from the top of our website, we took hold of the national championship in our third year of existence.

The X Men continue to welcome weekend baseball athletes with an attitude. It's an understatement to say that the guys on this team know a thing or two about this game. We're pretty serious about having a good time playing the game, and playing it right. Now, don't let the thought of not having played in a long time, and things like that make you think twice about playing with us. As a testimony to the great time guys've had with the X Men, our alumni, and there are plenty of 'em around the world, keep in touch with us from time to time. Many have taken this team to their heart as a memory of their stay/tenure in Singapore. We've even had people come on business trips and pop in to play with us. Now, that's a real baseball lover for you, and they've gone back happy. That's the kind of team quality we can provide. Casual, yet enough competitive spirit in it to get a good adrenalin boost on a weekend in Singapore.

Well, so much for our sales pitch. Let's put it this way to you: as long as you're lookin' for a good time playing quality baseball with guys that speak real baseball lingo and know something about the game, you should be joining the X Men! You'll get real live entertainment playing together as a team and putting the opposition right where they belong. We're here to change the quiet scene of baseball in Singapore, and the X Men want you! Don't forget to sift through the links to your left and check out our Latest X-News column.

Thanks for dropping by to see us! Really appreciate it. Hope to see some of you websurfers put that keyboard and mouse away and get out on the diamond with a bat and glove in your hand.


Baseball X Men

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2011 X Men after Night at the Park game