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Athlete, Take Action on Your Dreams!




  ... And Make The Decision to Finally Breakthrough and Crush Every Play With Jaw-dropping Speed and Explosive Quickness.

In a recent *study involving 46 Division 1 NCAA athletes, research discovered that two tests are able to reliably predict a players success in college sports. The tests were the 40 Yard Sprint and the 5-10-5 Shuttle Run. Not even a players height, vertical leap or strength tests gave the kind of "clear prediction models" for success that the 40 and Pro Shuttle show. 

Why? "Because speed and quickness are the purest expression of athleticism and are seen by scouts, recruiters and coaches as one of the best physical indicators of an athletes potential for success in any sport from juniors to the pros".

You really can be the player that gets the media coverage; the player that's creating a buzz after every game; the player getting looks from college and pro scouts. XLR8 Pro Speed Training is bringing their world-class speed system to the youth thru pro athletes right here in South Florida. Train in a proven first-of-it's-kind Olympic speed program for your sport that produces the fastest most explosive athletes in the world. For those who decide to train, this will be a life-changing experience.

Your ability to run fast, to be quick with explosive speed and change of direction are both a God-given talent and skill that with the right coaching and planning system can be dramatically improved.

That's where XLR8 comes in. XLR8 Pro Speed Coach, Johnny Lloyd, is bringing to athletes here in South Florida the very same speed program that has produced Olympic sprint gold medals and collegiate sprint champions like Usain Bolt, Shawn Crawford, Tyson Gay and Michael Johnson. This exclusive hands-on Olympic speed training maximizes your abilities making you the ultra-quick, blurring fast athlete you need to be to run with the best.

XLR8's "4-Weeks-2-Fast" speed training gives you the explosive speed and jaw-dropping quickness to break into the very top levels of your sport.

- One key point to remember. Athleticism is the very foundation of athletes. If you desire to build anything strong and lasting, you build a solid foundation first so that the rest of the structure goes up safely and with good success. Build your athletic foundation first, build it right, and you will have success in whatever sport you choose.


Athlete - Your dreams only become reality when you take massive and consistant action to make them happen. Otherwise, you're just dreaming.


Godspeed and see you soon,

Pro Speed Coach Johnny Lloyd


Click on the link to register for XLR8's "4-Weeks-2-Fast" speed training camps. XLR8 Speed Camps start November 2011.


*Study - (Physical Characteristics That Predict Functional Performance In Div. 1 College Football Players, 2004, Davis, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Vol. 18, No.1, pp 115-120.)




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