Mass Vikings Lacrosse: The Coach's Corner

2013 Tryout Reg doc - Click to download


Off season Wall Ball Drill

A lacrosse player, a lacrosse stick, a ball and a wall can turn an average lacrosse player into
an elite player. The wall acts as a tool to make one's stick skills excel. The wall provides another person who can catch almost all passes and complete almost any drill with ease.


The 11 Commandments of Lacrosse

Rules to remember ~ Rules to live by.


27 Tips For Defensemen

Things a great defenseman never forgets!


Tryout Registration form 2011-2012

PLAYERS NAME______________________________________________   

ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________________   ZIP______________

HOME PHONE_______________________   EMAIL___________________________________________________

D/O/B ____________________________
(Fall 2011)
FIELD POSITION(S)________________
SCHOOL ATTENDING_____________________________

PARENTS NAMES___________________________________
CELL PHONE(S)________________________________
PARENT EMAIL_________________________________________

I hereby give permission for my child to participate in the Mass Vikings Tryouts during 2011. I
am aware and acknowledge the risks, including the risk of catastrophic injury, other damages
and loss from participation in a lacrosse event. I further agree, personally and on behalf of my
participating child, that the Mass Vikings Lacrosse program, its players, and/or volunteers of this
Lacrosse program shall not be held liable for any injury or other loss or damage occurring as a
result of participation in, preparation for or travel to or from the above named program’s
activities. I also relinquish any claim or right my child or I might otherwise have for payment of
medical costs or other losses or damages beyond whatever insurance coverage personally held. I further certify that my child is covered and will continue to be covered during the year for injury under my private
insurance policy.

I hereby give my consent for any and all medical attention necessary to be administered to my
child named in this registration form in the event of an accident, injury, sickness, under the
direction of the supervising coach, assistant coach or volunteers until such time as I am
contacted. I also assume responsibility for payment of any such treatment.

Parent/Guardian signature______________________ Date:___________________

Tryout Fee is $70. Please make checks payable to “MV Lax” and return to:
                                       Dave Roche
                                       28 Oregon Road
                                    Southborough, MA 01772

Any Questions or concerns Coach Roche:
Or my cell phone 508.935.8628