West Valley Soccer League: WVSL Picture Day's

Thursday, November 7
On line team and individual photos are available


West Valley Youth Soccer Families

Your photos from Picture Day are now available to view and order more ONLINE!


Simply click the following link:


and enter the password: striker (lowercase letters)


Once you click on your child’s photo, the ordering

options will appear. Be sure to click “view all products” to see the wide array of prints and sports photo      products that we offer. Payment can be made by PayPal or credit card.


If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (818) 501-4297 or email at





Tuesday, October 29
Spring 2015 - Makeup photo day

There was a mistake on the email that was sent out about makeup pictures it should've read May 3rd not May 2nd we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience

the makeup day will be tomorrow Sunday, May 3rd between 9 AM and 10 AM 

 Greg Palmer NSPN - customerservice@nationwidephoto.com 

Fall 2014 dates will be October 12th, 19th


Sunday, October 12th – Girls teams

Sunday, October 19th – Boys teams 


WVSL/RSC Picture Day's will be Sat April 11th Girls & April 18th Boys

Pierce College fields: Enter the college at Mason and Victory, turn left into the parking lot, and come all the way to the grass. map http://www.eteamz.com/wvsl/locations/


Girls - http://www.eteamz.com/wvsl/files/WVSL-PictureDaySaturday,Arpil11thGirls.pdf

Boys -  http://www.eteamz.com/wvsl/files/WVSL-PictureDaySaturday,Arpil18thBoys.pdf

Q - I am the head coach of a boys team and a girls team do I have to go both weekend's? My girls team is at 9:00am on the 11th, My boys team is at 1:00pm on the 18th?

A - NO you can pick either time and bring both teams on that day. (you do not have to let us know which week you're coming)

1 - Both teams on the 11th at 9:00am  OR

2 - Both teams on the 18th at 1:00pm

Q - I am the head coach of two boys teams do I have to come to the field twice My BU6 team is at 10:00am, My BU12 team is at 2:00pm

A - NO you can pick either time and bring both teams. (you do not have to let us know which time you're coming)

1 - Both teams on the 18th at 10:00am  OR

2 - Both teams on the 18th at 2:00pm

Q - I am a parent of two players BU6& GU8 do I have to go both weekend's?

 A - YES sorry

Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to you designated time. Make sure your families are made aware that this is the only day for photos. If they arrive late they will miss the group picture that is in the yearbook. Each year we hear of parents that did'nt know details, please make sure you communicate all details clearly prior to picture day. We don't want to hear of problems after the fact. Our club program will also be photographed during the day Since some of them have games the same day we may slot them between some of your times.
Please be patient if we are running behind. It is a typical problem on Picture Day.

When you arrive there may be some paperwork to fill out. You will need a few minutes to do it.

The WVSL package is:

5x7 Team

3x5 Individual

4 - Large Wallet Size

1 - Photo Button

Cardboard Frame

You can also order extra pictures online. Go to the website.

Sports Photo Products


Each team is entitled to one plaque for the head coach for free. (As a Thank You from the League to all of the head coaches) You will need to order this plaque from the photographer on Picture Day. Please do not forget to do this or you will not receive one. If you would like an additional plaque for a assistant coach or co-coach there is a $15 charge. Again please order this at Picture Day.
Coach Plaque Order Form - http://www.eteamz.com/wvsl/files/WestValleySoccer2012CoachPlaqueOrderForm.pdf

If you are only getting the Free plaque you can fax the form to NSPN.
If you would like an additional plaque ($15) sent to Form and $ to NSPN
818 501-4297 Fax 501-4299

2014 FALL YEAR BOOK PHOTO (Front row / Back row )   NO YEAR BOOK IN SPRING


please have a parent take a photo of your team with there phone

then send an email to Anne Dapello Norsal Printing, Inc. norsal@pacbell.net

Subject: WVSL Team Photo B/GU - Team Name

Players/Coaches first and last names Left to Right.


Front row (first and last names - left to right)
Back row (first and last names - left to right)

(Asst. Coach, Team Parent & not pictured first and last names)


We do NOT need the photo




Commercial advertisements is
(All 4,000 Players get a yearbook Plus webb site !!)
$500 for a full page,

$250 for a half page,

$125 for a quarter page and

$75 for a business card ad.
Email Paul wvsoccer@gmail.com

Lastly,Picture Day is alot of work, any volunteers would be much appreciated

Sunday, August 11
NSPN 2013 Fall picture days

Dear WVSL Parents,

Spring picture days for WVSL are almost here.  The first day is  Sat April 5th (Girls) & April 12th (Boys) 


Sat - April 5th (Girls)

Sat - April 12th (Boys) 

Please arrive early for pictures. 

PICTURE DAY ORDER FORM is attached to this email so you can print it out on your home computer.  Each player will automatically receive a FREE basic picture set and please use this order form to order additional photos and photo related items.

We are proud to work with WVSL through the years and are here to answer any questions that you might have about your  picture day.



 NSPN is looking forward to photographing your team and individual pictures again this season!

To receive a FREE coach plaque you must print the attached form out and turn it into the photographers on picture days.  With this form you may also order assistant coach and sponsor plaques and they will all be delivered with your finished pictures.  Additional plaques must be paid for on picture day.  Check, credit card or cash will be accepted.

PLEASE encourage your parents to order additional pictures and plaques using our NSPN order form.  The form is being emailed to each family and we will have a display of products and extra forms under the NSPN check in tent on picture day.

IMPORTANT:  When you arrive on picture day please come to the center field NSPN tent and check in with Greg.  He will give you your team slate and direct you to the correct photo station.  Do not go to a photo station without checking in first.  Please keep your players together and line them up short to tall by the check-in tent so we know you are ready to go.  If your players are ordering specials they must be holding their own order forms!

Thank you for following these simple instructions and we look forward to seeing you and your team on your picture day!

Best regards,

Greg Palmer

13600 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

P: 818 501-4297   F: 818 501-4299