West Valley Soccer League: Referees:

Sunday, July 29

Adults and young adults (age 12 & older)
wanted to Referee Local Youth games for
money or community service hours.
WVSL has over 145 games scheduled Saturdays
Fall - Sep thru Dec (Sat)

Spring - March thur April (Sun)

WVSL Referee Clinic:



Completing this course qualifies you to referee U15 and under rec.
Youth (under 15) referees can earn between $10 & $15 a game.
Adult (15 & over) referees can earn $15 a game.
(pay ranges are dependent on performance & reliability)

Spring is $10 per game.

As we are a nonprofit organization community service hours can also be earned!

Please contact


to sign up.  -  http://www2.mysignup.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi?datafile=wvsl_fall_2014_sign_up

Don't Complain - Volunteer!
Don't Complain - Volunteer!
Get a Gripe? Remember, that WVSL is run by volunteers. Most board members and league directors have families, full time jobs, coach a team and/or referee. If you think something could be improved, volunteer your time to improve the League for all our children.
The learue always has a need for new referees.

Monday, October 7
WVSL Fall 2014 Rules for Referees

The Game / Keeping the players safe


Fouls The common rule of thumb on fouls is “If it looks like a foul, it probably is.”  So, please call a foul when you see them.  Examples of a foul (intentional or unintentional):


Tripping or attempting to trip     Striking an opponent     Pushing/charging an opponent

Blatant holding or pulling on an opponent’s jersey          High Kicks


Deliberately handling the ball (does not apply to goalkeeper in goal box).  Do not call a foul on the field player if s/he is instinctively protecting himself or if the ball hits his hand when it is in its natural position.


U8 - There are no direct free kicks as a result of a foul.   All fouls are indirect kicks!  This means a goal can only be scored if another player touches the ball before it enters the goal. If the foul occurs too close to the goal, pull the ball back a minimum of 10 yards before allowing the kick.  Allow the opposing team to build a wall. There are no traditional “penalty kicks” meaning the kick is never a one on one against the goalkeeper.  There will always be a wall.


U9 and up – FIFA Rules http://www.fifa.com/aboutfifa/footballdevelopment/technicalsupport/refereeing/laws-of-the-game/index.html 


U8 -   Do not worry about understanding the off sides rule.  There are no off sides. 

U9 and up – We have off sides see - http://www.dynamic-thought.com/offside.swf

U8 - The goalies cannot punt the ball.  They may only roll the ball out to their player.

U9 and up the goalies can punt the ball


It is very important to keep the games running on time. Each game is allotted 1 hour of play and is typically broken into four quarters.  Games must stop on the hour (half hour) regardless if the fourth period has finished or not. 4 x 10 minute quarters works well.  If both coaches agreed on 2 x 20 minutes before the game, that is permissible.


A - If you are playing quarters the quarter break should last no more than 2 minutes.


B – To stop the game for quarter break you must wait for a stoppage in play.  Stoppage in play means a goal kick, throw in or corner is about to occur.  The restart is from the same stoppage in play goal kick, throw in or corner


C – You can stop the game for half time during open play. Half time should last no more than 5 minutes


 The coaches have been instructed to flip a coin prior to the game to decide which team sits on which side.  All family members from the team must sit on opposing side lines. There should be no coaches or parents on the goal line.

 If the goalkeepers are even remotely in control of the ball, any player interfering with the goalkeeper or attempting to kick the ball from the goalkeepers control or semi control must be whistled for a foul. The goalkeepers must be protected.

 Have fun with the kids!!!

If you are interested in ref'ing games for WVSL
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Referees: If you have a FIFA referee license and are interested in refereeing a game at one of the West Valley soccer fields, please provide the following information in an email to a referee assignor as early as possible
Name, Phone number, Age, FIFA grade level
Preferences - center / lines / both, Days and times that you are available
Additional volunteers are being sought to referees fields (training is provided) to relief the load on the above referee volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact WVSLReferee@gmail.com

Monday, July 30
ALL official decisions should be accepted.......
PLEASE understand that ALL official decisions by the referees should be accepted without rancor or anger, no matter how unfair they may seem; & further understand that the use of behavior, verbal or physical, which is intimidating toward the referee is grounds for immediate dismissal as a Coach;

show respect for the game officials by not openly or otherwise criticizing them or undermining their authority in the eyes of our player(s);

Tuesday, September 9
Official Lineup Card
Handout: Official Lineup Card