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2019 Spring teams reusing their fall 2018 uniforms

2019 Spring team Uniforms and coaches meeting

WVSL Fall 2018 team Uniforms and coaches meeting

Tuesday, November 6
WVSL Trophies pickup Fall 2018

We have been promised the trophies on Friday 9th (at 1:30ish if anybody would like to come and help unload 2,500 trophies it would be appreciated)

You can pick up from the office on the 9th between 2pm - 6pm

Please understand we do not have the room in our office to store 2,500 trophies so if you are not available please have somebody from your team swing by on Friday and pick them up.

6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Photos will not be available till Nov 17th (at Pierce College) WVSL

Refereeing update

Fall 2018 Trophy List

Wednesday, March 7
Top 12 Rules You should already know Spring 2018

Borrowing players

Guidelines for playing soccer on a hot day

Playing time

Avoiding Lopsided Scores

Respecting the referee

WVSL The Rules You should already know.

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Friday, February 28
WVSL Sunday's games canceled!

Friday, November 1
WVSL Coaches please read (Trophies, Year Book Photo, Team ad and business advertising)

Thursday, March 7
WVSL useful spring information & Volunteers needed for Saturday morning

Monday, October 2
How to Laminate Paper Without a Laminating Machine