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Monday, October 29
Real So Cal U6 and U7 STARS Program

Real So Cal Soccer Club is pleased to offer the STARS Program (Skills Training at Real So Cal) where players ages 5-6 (U6-U7) are given the opportunity to have an enhanced professional training experience on a structured and monitored basis during the week. The STARS program is a-year-around training program designed to advance skill development for young soccer players, in addition to WVSL, AYSO or any other recreational team. Players are encouraged to continue with their current recreational team while participating in the STARS program.

The fee for the training program is $250 per each seasonal session-fall and spring and is in addition to WVSL registration fees. WVSL players will receive a $50 discount. There is an initial evaluation period of a week, and therefore the first week of participation carries no charge. If a player is then invited to participate and the invitation is accepted, fees will be then due and payable on a non refundable basis.

  • $250 fee per Season (Fall and Spring Seasons are offered)
  • Fees include the opportunity to attend the STARS professional training sessions during the seasonal week.
  • $50 discount for registered WVSL players for fall season
  • STARS fees are non-refundable 


JT May JT@Realsocal.org
Boys - Both Locations
Girls - Pierce
Andrew Montenegro andamo@verizon.net
Girls - North Ranch

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