West Valley Soccer League: SPRING Recreational INFO

Sunday, February 18
Spring Soccer Rules

Pierce College Map

Spring 2016 Time line ((Click here))
Sign-up before Dec 19th
Teams will be put together by Feb 1st
Coaches call players Feb 5th - 15th 
WVSL / Real So Cal Friday Night Skills Academy (for u7 & up players Starts Feb 26th)

Uniforms - Coaches meeting & uniforms pick up

We have been promised delivery of the uniforms on the TBA
Coaches ONLY!
(1st choice uniform colors by lottery on your division's night ONLY. and NO you cannot pick up before your meeting SORRY)

Game schedule posted Feb 20th ish?
Games start on Sunday Feb 28th
Spring Picture Days Sat April 16th Girls & April 30th  Boys

WVSL Spring 2015 waiting list

Spring 2016 Open Registration is now closed

If you are on the waiting list you can be placed right away if you coach!!!
If you have an interest in coaching PLEASE let me know ASAP

First we have to assign to teams all of the 2,500 players who signed up by the Dec 19th deadline. Once I get that completed then I will know if we have room for more!

Space is limited only by the number of coaches - the more coaches we get, the more teams/players we can place.
OK to get your child placed on the waiting list
PLEASE sign up ASAP !! We will try to place your child. (If we do NOT find a team we will not cash the check)
Please write "waiting list" on the top of your application.
Please complete your Registration ONLINE. Click on the following link to start the process. Go To Online Registration. MAKE SURE YOU PRINT THE REGISTRATION FORM AND SIGN IT.
Send to (with your $130)-
West Valley Soccer League, 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367

Or you can drop off

We need a copy of the players birth certificate if new to WVSL

At this time, we have limited openings in most divisions:
Please note that we do expect players will drop. From now until the the season starts. As drops occur they will be replaced with players from the wait lists on a 1st come basis.

The West Valley Soccer League Board of Directors, at its discretion, reserves the right to deny participation of any player, parent, coach, team, or organization if the board of directors deems any actions or activities are not in the best interest of the league.

Friday, December 4
Spring 2016 Walk-In Registration Days

We have added 2 Spring Walk-In Registration Days -  Bring Registration form same as by Mail.

Tuesday 12/15/2015,  6pm - 8pm.

Saturday 12/19/2015, 12pm - 4pm

At the WVSL Office

West Valley Soccer League, 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367

WVSL Spring Team Application Form (for Fall 2015 Teams) (Click Here)

If you are planning on moving your fall WVSL team to the spring program here is some important information ...

How do I sign up my team for Spring? For new coaches (Click Here)

What division will my child play in Spring 2016? (Click here)

WVSL 2016 SPRING League

WVSL 2016 SPRING League
West Valley Soccer League (Real So Cal spring Academy)
Announces it’s recreational 15th Spring Soccer Season at Pierce College fields
9 Sundays: February through May

Age appropriate teams for boys and girls, 4 -14
$130 Registration fee (Per Player)

Environmentally friendly teams and those who have invested in their shirts with names and logos can reuse their WVSL fall uniforms. Those who choose this option may take a $10 per person discount


 U4 teams have 6 players Playing 4 Vs 4  no goalies (we will have a U4 Div only if we have 4 or more teams)


U5 teams have 6 players Playing 4 Vs 4 no goalies


U6 teams have 6 players Playing 4 Vs 4  no goalies

U7 teams have 7 players Playing 5 Vs 5

 U8 teams have 8 players Playing 6 Vs 6

U9 & Up teams have 10 players Playing 8 Vs 8

Play Dates – 2/28, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15.

 No games - 3/27 Easter, 4/24 Passover, 5/8 Mother's Day.

AYSO Teams, coaches & players are welcome
Coaches: You must round up your teams complete applications and send them in (in 1 envelope).
(If you do not have all your players we will assign you the others)

Potential coaches please remember that the spring program is not a mirror image of our fall program

The spring program is based on small field play with a limited number of players per team

There are many different rules between the fall program and the spring program.

The field is smaller We do not have a goalie box we use a half circle to define the goalie area

In the older age groups it is less players per team on the field 8 vs 8 ( not 11 vs 11)

All free kicks are in direct, There are no offsides in any age group, The goalie cannot punt or dropkick

All coaches and parents should read our modified rules before deciding to play in our spring program

To register a Returning fall 2015 player to the same fall 2015 team send your check only to your COACH!!

(obviously make sure your coach is going to be coaching again this Spring)


To register a player not on a team (new player),

Online Registration , Go To Online Registration

If you do not print, sign and send to the league with your check you are NOT signed up!!

Be sure to Print & Sign the registration form!

Please follow these guidelines:

ALL NEW players must sign up online
Print on letter size paper.
New players need to show Birth Certificate or other legal document with DOB.
Sign by parent or legal guardian.

And mail in by Dec 15th 2015 with your check Payable to "WVSL"
West Valley Soccer League, 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367

All player applications sent directly to WVSL will be considered to be DRAFT players.

that player will be seen as a draft player and will be placed on a team as needed. (The player loses the right to return to the previous season’s team)

Please Send:
1 - Check made out to WVSL $130 per player

To take advantage of the multi-player discount, all players must reside in the same household.

1st player $130, 2 players 2 x $120, 3 players 3 x $110, 4th player Free.

2 - PLAYER’S birth certificate (NOT required of returning players)
New players can come to walk in registration so we can see (But not keep) the birth certificate.

3 – Registration Form


Mail to.
West Valley Soccer League, 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367

Q - Can I sign up as an individual (if I am not part of a team)?
A - Yes. We will place you on a team that needs players or as part of an entirely new team.
(But we always need new coaches.)

Remember West Valley Spring Soccer is a VERY casual environment, Some team practice & some do not. Which is OK with us, We are not trying to compete with other Spring Sports.

WVSL / Real So Cal Friday Night Skills Academy info (Click here)

In an effort to provide our Rec players the best training environment possible, we will be offering the Friday skills academy. (this is NOT for the 4 & 5 year olds) U7 & up.

It is important to understand that the number of children placed on teams is totally dependent on the number of parents that volunter to coach and referee. As such, there are no guarantees your child will be placed on a team. To ensure your child gets placed on a team -

Real So Cal Academy will have 2 weeks of camp



9:00am – 12:00pm at Pierce. $120 a week (4 days) or $35 a day.

Players from our boys U.S. soccer academy teams and girls premier teams will be on hand to help run this camp. Campers will have the opportunity to learn from the best coaches and players in LA.

Sign up by TBA ONLY $80 (If player is in the Spring League)

If not in WV Spring League Sign up by TBA $100

West Valley Spring League is a fundraiser to help with Real So Cal highest level boys and girls teams travel. Players from these programs will be at spring league to help with refereeing and to help with our spring camp!

Real So Cal BU16/18 US Soccer Development Academy

Real So Cal GU16 – GU19 premiere teams

Friday, December 11
1. If you are requesting a spot on a specific team then YOU need to contact the coach of that team to find out if he/she has a spot available on that team and to make him/her aware that you would like to be on that team.

2. You may list a Friend/s, (In the upper right hand corner of the form. same age group required)  If your friend/s is already on a team YOU will need to contact your friends coach to see if there's a spot available on that team. WVSL can NOT force a coach to have a player

3.  The bigger the group is you will need to provide a coach for the team.

WVSL can NOT Force a coach to draft/have a player because of a request. 

Sunday, February 23
Spring WVSL Referee Schedule is posted

Spring Coaches & Parents (Spring Rules)

Spring practice FIELD PERMITS

Wednesday, July 30
Spring Referees... (Click here)