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Thursday, March 26
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Registration INFO for 2013-2014 (Click here)

Online Registration Will start TBA

Online Registration is available, Go To Online Registration

Be sure to Print & Sign the registration form !! 

Please follow these guidelines:

ALL players must sign up online
Print on letter size paper.
New players need to show Birth Certificate or other legal document with DOB.
Sign by parent or legal guardian.

How do I sign up my team ? For new & old coaches (Click Here)

To register a player on a team send your application & check to your COACH!!  (obviously make sure your coach is going to be coaching again this Fall)

Returning Players:

Please complete your Registration ONLINE.   Click on the following link to start the process.   Go To Online Registration.  MAKE SURE YOU PRINT THE REGISTRATION FORM AND SIGN IT.

You have the right to return to your 2012fall team (NOT SPRING). Please write "RETURN TO TEAM" coach & the team name in the upper right hand corner of the form. and send it to your COACH!!

All player applications sent directly to the Po Box will be considered to be DRAFT players. that player will be seen as a draft player and will be placed on a team as needed. (The player loses the right to return to the previous season’s team)

New Players: 

Online Registration is available, Go To Online Registration

To register a player not on a team, complete the application and mail in/walk-in.

Write "DRAFT" on the top of the app

 1. If you are requesting a spot on a specific team then YOU need to contact the coach of that team to find out if he/she has a spot available on that team and to make him/her aware that you would like to be on that team.

2. You may list a Friend/s, (In the upper right hand corner of the form. same age group required) If your friend/s is already on a team YOU will need to contact your friends coach to see if there's a spot available on that team.

3. WVSL can NOT force a coach to have a player because of a request.


1.    Check made out to WVSL One Player $160: Siblings (2): $300, (3):$420 (4) 4th player Free.

To take advantage of the multi-player discount, all players must reside in the same household.
1 player $160, 2 players2 x $150, 3 player3 x $140

Q - I have two players I am signing up for fall and I would like to get the discount on the registration fee.  The problem is I will be sending in their applications at different times.  One child is new so I am mailing it in and the other child has played before and the coach will be submitting the entire team’s paperwork.  What do I do? 
Do I write two checks and submit one check per player - each one for $150 and note that our family has 2 players?  Does that sound okay?

A - YES Thank You

Financial assistance is available for players in need. Please submit a written request to the league

2.    Copy of PLAYER’S birth certificate (NOT required of returning players)

New players can come to walk in registration so we can see (But not keep) the original birth certificate

3.    Calsouth registration form


Mail to.
West Valley Soccer League 
PO Box 8842 Calabasas, CA 91302

Postmark prior to May 31st  2013!!   (Last chance to register) 
ALL late registrations will be placed on a waitinglist!

Walk-In Registration:
Registration form same as by Mail.
Pierce College (at WVSL SPRING League)
6200 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills, California, 91371 (Corner Winnetka and Victory) at the Real So Cal blue tent
Sunday April TBA 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Sunday April TBA 12:00pm - 4:00pm


(Last chance to register)
ALL late registrations will be placed on a waiting list!

 WVSL Recreational Refund policy (Click here)

Friday, April 24
How do I sign up my team ? For new & old coaches (Click Here)

WVSL Recreational Refund policy (Click here)

Monday, June 24
2013 Fall Girls teams NEW 7/21/2013 (Click here)

Saturday, June 22
2013 Fall Boys teams NEW 7/21/2013 (Click here)

West Valley soccer league All-Stars

Friday, July 2
WVSL Fall 2013 waiting list Open Registration is now closed

Fall 2013 Open Registration is now closed

If you are on the waiting list you can be placed right away if you coach!!!
If you have an interest in coaching PLEASE let me know ASAP

First we have to assign to teams all of the 2,800 players who signed up by the June 4th deadline.

Once I get that completed then I will know if we have room for more!

Space is limited only by the number of coaches - the more coaches we get, the more teams/players we can place.
OK to get your child placed on the waiting list
PLEASE sign up ASAP !! We will try to place your child. (If we do NOT find a team we will not cash the check)
Please write "waiting list" on the top of your application.
Please complete your Registration ONLINE.
Click on the following link to start the process. Go To Online Registration

You can mail to - West Valley Soccer League. 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367 with your $160
We need a copy of the players birth certificate if new to WVSL
At this time, we have limited openings in most divisions:
Please note that we do expect players will drop. From now until the the season starts. As drops occur they will be replaced with players from the wait lists on a 1st come basis.



Tuesday, May 31
Fall 2012 registration deadline

Fall 2012 Coaches & Parents ((Click here))

KIDSAFE Risk Management program - ((Click here))