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Raining on a Friday/Saturday night

If it is raining on a Friday/Saturday night we will call off games ONLY if the rain is so heavy that the fields are already too wet to play on.

BUT if the fields are ok we will wait until Saturday/Sunday morning to call the games. Luckily we live in So Cal and we can have healthy rains on a Friday/Saturday night and wake up Saturday/Sunday morning to sunny skies. That said, we are at the mercy of the schools and if they do not want us on the fields, we will not find out until we get to the school grounds on Saturday/Sunday morning at 8:30AM. At that point, we will put it on the web site as soon as physically possible.

So if you have the first game of the day you will have to go to the fields regardless. (sorry)


2/27/2015 9:00am


Pierce College -  fields OPEN

A.C. Stelle -    fields OPEN

Hale MS -  fields OPEN

Shadow Ranch -  fields CLOSED

Columbus  - fields OPEN

Round Meadow -  fields CLOSED


It is more the rain the day or night before a game that causes us to cancel games,
rather than the weather at game time.  A heavy evening rain will turn a field into mud.

WVSL Rules for Playing in Bad Weather

Soccer is played in almost all weather conditions. Because of our relatively short playing season and inability to make-up most games, we try to stay on schedule whenever possible. But safety is still priority one.

The problem is this: everyone has a different opinion as to what is a threatening weather condition. WVSL has established the guidelines below to follow during adverse weather conditions.

Referees and coaches are responsible for making this decision to suspend play. However, in any situation, parents should not hesitate to remove players from any weather condition they feel is unsafe or inappropriate. No one will be penalized for any safety related actions taken.

Below are the league rules for playing under bad weather:

  1. Check the WVSL website for any announcement regarding field closures.
  2. Rain is not bad weather and is not grounds for the coach or the referee to stop the game, unless the field becomes unplayable.
  3. If the rain makes the field unplayable, the referee or coach will stop the game. If he/she doesn’t, you should ask him/her.
  4. Make sure that referees, players, and everyone else gets off the field if there is lighting or thunder.
  5. In case of lighting or thunder, the referee or the coach will stop the game/practice. If he/she does not, you should ask him/her to do so. The referee will wait 15 minutes after last time thunder is heard or lighting is seen before resuming the game/practice.
  7. If the delay will extend to the next scheduled game, the referee or coach will call the game. For example, thunder is heard with 10 minutes left in a game. The game should be stopped, and the game is complete

Friday, September 12
All Games that start after 12:15pm Saturday 9/13 canceled!

Because of the number of pm games that have already been canceled and with a heat advisory in place for the San Fernando Valley we are canceling all games that start after 12:15pm tomorrow

Please see the guidelines for playing on a hot day (below) This info was emailed to all the coaches this week. And is published on our webpage

If your team is canceling any AM games please email your opponent and let them know that you will not be playing tomorrow.

We are looking in to field availability to possibly make these games up including Sunday afternoons.

Round Meadow Elementary School

12:45, 1:30, 2:15, 3:00, 3:45 and 4:00

Pierce College

1:00,  2:00, 3:00 and 4:00

Columbus Middle School

12:30, 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30

Alice C. Stelle

1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 

Hank's Tire
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Sunday, August 12
Michelin & Hank’s Tire FREE BALL Fundraiser. Press Release (Learn More...)
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Dear West Valley Soccer League,


Your Michelin Soccer Program certificates will go live August 15, 2014, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. For your players to redeem their certificate:


  • Go to MichelinSoccer.com
  • To download your free Michelin Soccer Program certificate, simply enter your league code (Your league code is M426F14) and click “Submit”
  • Download your FREE Michelin Soccer Program certificate!
  • Print both sides of the certificate
  • (Please Note: Only one download per person)


Be sure to remind your team members to take their certificates between August 15, 2014 and September 14, 2014 to Hank's Tire Service Inc, at 19951 Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, CA to claim their free soccer ball and to take advantage of the tire rebate.


Hank’s Tire Service and Michelin Tire

have donated funds and equipment valued at more than $2200.00
to the West Valley Soccer League as part of a nationwide youth soccer program.
The Michelin Free Ball Giveaway and Fundraiser will begin on August 15th !

Your store location is:
Hank's Tire Service http://www.hankstire.com/
Steve Goldberg 818-340-4200 19951 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 

Sunday, March 2
WVSL DINE WITH US! ((Click here))

Thursday, April 18
Facility Pest Control
  10% off your 1st treatment if you tell them you are with WVSL or Real So Cal

This is the company that helps us at Pierce College with the gophers. They do an excellent job!

Facility Pest Control - 19618 Gault Street Reseda, CA 91335

Phone: 818-521-6892, Email: skarbelnig@sbcglobal.net
Web site: http://www.facilitypestcontrol.com

We also spray for black widows, ants, earwigs, crickets,roaches and all other crawling insects plus Rats and mice trapping, and we treat bee hives wasps etc.


Keyes Chevrolet
Monday, March 4
New WVSL Sponsors

THANK YOU! Rick Alpern at Keyes Chevrolet for your generous donation


Friday, October 17
Air quality in the San Fernando
Link to current air quality in the San Fernando Valley See

Saturday, August 11
The Newman family

The Newman family (Steve, Jacquee, Katie, Nate and Max) have been a big part of WVSL and Real So Cal for many years.  In early July, Nate from our BU14 Blue team was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Nate has undergone surgery and has been receiving intensive chemotherapy treatment.

Please visit Nate's Page to show your support and keep up with Nate's progress.

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Wednesday, June 26

WVSL Newsletter
Handout: WVSL Newsletter

Tuesday, November 4
WVSL News 11/4/03 (Earrings) (Click here)

All Coaches, For the the rest of this Season we are going to let the kids who have newly pierced their ears ...

Tuesday, February 25
West Valley Soccer School Fund-Raising Program

West Valley Soccer League have donated funds valued at more than $10.000 to Schools
If your School is having a silent auction or other fundraising event send a request & Tax ID to the P.O. Box 8842 Calabasas, California 91302 and we will send you a Fall Registration (Value $150)
Shomrei Torah  - Woodlake Ave  - Round Meadow  - Chaparral  - Castlebay Lane - Bay Laurel  - St. Bernadine's  - Shepherd of the Valley  - Woodland Hills Elementary  - Calabash Street Elementary - Congregation Or Ami - Child’s World Preschool  - Justice Street Elementary School - The Family Nurturing Center - Lockhurst Drive Elementary  - Thank You WVSL