West Valley Soccer League: Welcome

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West Valley Soccer League (WVSL)

Proudly serving the West Valley for over 40 years.

WVSL is a registered, non-profit 501(c)(3) youth soccer organization that was started in 1966


WVSL is a member of and operates under the governing rules of
CalSouth , and the United States Youth Soccer Association.

West Valley Soccer League, 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367

  Hours of Operation See - http://www.realsocal.org/ for hours – scroll to the bottom of the page  

Soccer / Football / Futbol - Beautiful Game / Jogo Bonito...
in any language it's the same!

Come join our club and help us celebrate the great game of soccer.

Our goal is the pursuit of excellence in all levels of soccer through our Recreational and Competitive programs.
Each year our Recreation program serves over 3
,000 Fall & 2,600 Spring children from ages 5 to 15.
The Fall & Spring Recreation program are with volunteer coaches, and the Competitive program (Real So Cal) holds tryouts for team placement, and plays year round with professional coaches, and is headed by Alberto Bru Director of Coaching. This season we expect 55 (1,000 Players) teams competing at all Levels.

Real So Cal also offer soccer camps throughout the year.

Check the FAQ's for any questions you may have.

West Valley Recreational League is open to boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18. Teams will be limited by the availability of trained and certified coaches. Coach training is provided and is a great way to be with your child. 

For more information call the WVSL Hotline at (818) 999-WVSL(9875).

Dogs and soccer do not mix. Please leave your dog at home. To be fair, no cats are allowed either


Thursday, July 3
Fall teams So Far (Click Here...)

We Need Volunteer coaches in

Boys U5 - 1 Coaches

Boys U7 - 1 Coaches

Boys U8 - 1 Coaches

 What division will my child play in (fall 2014 Spring 2015) Click here....

If you are already registered and have a child in any of the age group above and you are looking to coach please let us know as soon as possible

If you are not already registered and would like to get into our league straight away please volunteer to coach in one of these age groups

Obviously we will not be able to place any children in these age groups until we have found the volunteer coaches we need

Bob -  liconausa@aol.com Cell 818 917 7989

Handout: WVSL 2014 Fall schedule .PDF

Tuesday, July 8
CalSouth Coaching Education Course July 26th and Aug 23rd

This Course has two parts, an online portion and a required on-field event. The online portion can be taken at any time; the following dates are available for on-fiels course events:

 The July 26th and Aug 23rd online portion of this class is available

Step by step online YM1 registration process help - http://www.calsouth.com/en/coaching-ed/ym1/online-version/

If you have questions or problems with the online registration process please contact -

Assistant Director of Coaching Education.  Elliott Spruell, 714.451.1553 ext 1553.  espruell@calsouth.com

Coaching education and risk management is for new coaches to west valley soccer league only

If you have taken these classes with us in the past you do not need to attend. (You do not have to go to both of these meetings just pick one)

at Pierce College You will need to come with tennis shoes and a drivers license On Field Training  

Risk Management Program (Live Scan Fingerprinting) July 26th and Aug 23rd  For Fall 2014 come any time between 9:30am - 12:00pm - @ Pierce College Room # TBA

Northridge Soccer Academy
Thursday, May 8
Northridge Soccer Academy SUMMER CAMP

We are very pleased to announce a partnership with Northridge soccer Academy and their CSUN summer soccer camps. 


Many of the coaches at CSUN are coaches in our Real So Cal program.  


We have negotiated a price of $250 per week for all West Valley soccer league families (this is a discount of $40)


When signing up put "WVSL" in the Optional Promo Code: To receive your $40 discount


CSUN Summer Youth Soccer Camp

Location: East Field-California State University Northridge-Northridge, CA Age: Boy's & Girl's 5-14



6/9 – 6/13 ~ Monday to Friday 

6/16 – 6/20 ~ Monday to Friday  

6/23 – 6/27 ~ Monday to Friday

6/30 – 7/3 ~ Monday to Thursday  

7/7 – 7/11 ~ Monday to Friday

7/14 – 7/18 ~ Monday to Friday

7/21 – 7/25 ~ Monday to Friday


Contact - Juan Florez @ (818) 470-2413 or juanflorez@ca.rr.com for additional camp information




Northridge Soccer Academy

Welcome to the Northridge Soccer Academy. We are committed to providing a camp that is both instructional and informational along with creating a great atmosphere to learn! The coaching staff at California State University Northridge is dedicated to the development and growth of soccer players of all ages and skill levels.

The Northridge Soccer Academy offers an opportunity for players to receive valuable instruction on the fundamental skills of soccer. Our camp is taught by our coaching staff along with current players and some of the top high school, and college coaches in the area. Our goal is to provide a positive and instrumental learning experience for all camps, in a structured, enthusiastic and fun environment.


Daily schedule: 
08:45 - 09:00 Arrival / registration
09:00 - 09:15 Theme of the day discussion / day overview. 
09:15 - 09:30 Wake up warm up with the ball
09:30 - 09:35 Water provided
09:35 - 10:00 Offensive or defensive TECHNICAL segment. 
10:00 - 10:05 Water
10:05 - 10:30 Game with emphasis on technique
10:30 - 10:45 Social Snack 
10:45 - 11:00 Offensive or defensive TACTICAL segment. 
11:00 - 11:30 Game with emphasis on tactics. 
11:30 - 11:45 Water / cool down, ready for lunch
11:45 - 12:35 LUNCH PROVIDED
01:55 - 02:05 Joggling warm up
02:05 - 02:15 Shooting on goal
02:15 - 02:20 Water
02:20 - 02:45 Game with emphasis on technique and tactics 
02:50 - 03:30 SWIMMING
03:30 Pick up

What to bring: 
Soccer shoes
Sandals and/or tennis shoes
Swimming gear
Sun block


WVSL Fall 2013 waiting list Open Registration is now closed

Fall 2014 Open Registration is now closed

If you are on the waiting list you can be placed right away if you coach!!!
If you have an interest in coaching PLEASE let me know ASAP

First we have to assign to teams all of the 2,800 players who signed up by the June 18th deadline.

Once we get that completed then we will know if we have room for more!

Space is limited only by the number of coaches - the more coaches we get, the more teams/players we can place.
OK to get your child placed on the waiting list
PLEASE sign up ASAP !! We will try to place your child. (If we do NOT find a team we will not cash the check)
Please write "waiting list" on the top of your application.
Please complete your Registration ONLINE.
Click on the following link to start the process. Go To Online Registration

You can mail to - West Valley Soccer League. 6430 Variel Avenue #103, Woodland Hills, CA  91367 with your $160
We need a copy of the players birth certificate if new to WVSL
At this time, we have limited openings in most divisions:
Please note that we do expect players will drop. From now until the the season starts. As drops occur they will be replaced with players from the wait lists on a 1st come basis.


Your Fields Your Trash


Our fields need your help. The help of the coaches, the players and most especially the parents.
Please help teach the kids the importance of leaving the sidelines as clean as the fields they play on.

WVSL hopes that you will take your trash with you and recycle it at home.
AT A MINIMUM, put it in the trash cans, please!



We are looking for volunteers for the following: Board Members, Coaches, Team Manager and Assistant Coaches. Sign up !!!

West Valley Soccer League is a volunteer organization. We need parent volunteers to coach. If you are interested in coaching, please let us know. This year we are offering free training clinics for our coaches. So if you have thought about coaching, but are afraid you don’t have enough experience, this would be a perfect time to take a team. If you are interested in helping even more, and can invest a lot more time and want to have more responsibility, we have a way! Our league is run by a small, hard-working group of volunteers that serve as the Board of Directors. Every year we need new members. If you are interested, talk to one of the Current Board members



Soccer is a sport for boys and girls of all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities.
West Valley Recreational League emphasizes fun and excitement for the whole family.
Play, coach, referee, or just cheer!