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World Series Umpire Dugout #5

World Series Umpire Dugout #5  
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Get Directions to World Series Umpire Dugout #5Placerville Local Weather
World Series Umpire Dugout #5
William Carter
Fax: 530-626-3711
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Placerville, California

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To my personal umpire web page

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that you will visit this site often. I am using this site to help further the knowledge of all amateur umpires and will be updating this site with timely information for umpires of all levels. If you have a question pertaining to the Little League Umpire, please send me an email. Thanks again for checking this site out, and while you're here, please sign the guest book. Come back soon, I look forward to your next visit.

Sunday, August 28

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What a day to end this wonderful tournament! I got to work my last game in Volunteer Stadium. I had the left field line and had two home-run calls and a couple of trouble balls that were caught. I grabbed a bite to eat and then packed all my gear and clothes from the locker room and carried it to the car. I then watched the championship game in Lamade Stadium. As all of you know who watched the game, it was very exciting to say the least! Hawaii won in the bottom of the 6th inning with a line drive to center field. All the umpires then went out and had a final dinner with each other and all the families. I have finished most of my packing and wanted to post this journal as my final posting for this tournament. Thanks to all of you who have read the journal daily and responded to the guest book and sent me emails. Williamsport PA, Sunday August 28, 2005.

Sunday, August 28

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Today I woke up to a drizzilly day in Williamsport. The rain held off for the late game last night, but some time during the night it starting raining as predicted. The umpire meeting just ended and all the umpires got to say what the experience has meant to them this week and then the assignments were passed out. Fred and I didn't get in either of the the last two games as we figured, because the west teams were in both games. However, after the assignments were given, the umpire from Canada who was assigned to the consolation game asked if he could be relieved from that game because he wanted to drive home tonight, so the UIC had everyone wait in the conference room to see who would be the replacement. Fred and I were called into the UIC's office and he said he wanted either Fred or myself to have the position in the game but wanted us to make the decision on who would be the umpire. Fred was the gracious one and gave me the game, so I will be working the consolation game at 12PM (EDT) on the left field line. The game is between Southern California and Japan. This has been a wonderful experience for both of us and even if I didn't get another game I was satified with ending the series with the call I had in Lamade stadium last night on first base. More later....

Saturday, August 27

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I just got through umpiring a Challanger game and boy was it fun. One of the kids hit a home-run over the center field fence. We got our assignments this morning and I will be on first base the the International Championship game at 5PM (PDT) I don't know if it's on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC but try all three Fred and I will be on one of those three channels. By the way, Fred is working second base in that game. All three umpires from the West are in the game, Les Fletcher is on the left field line. I will get my assignments tomorrow based on who wins the games today. More tomorrow...


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Today was a very relaxing day and very much needed. Even though the time is going faster then I want it to, I didn't realize how exhausted I was until today. Everyone else that is here with me decided they wanted to see the Amish country in Lancaster County, so they all left this morning to spend the day there. Bev and I decided to just have a low key day and relax. We went to breakfast at our favorite spot in Dewart PA and from there we went to Rickerts State Park. The park is about an hours drive from where we had breakfast. Col. Rickert was in the cival war and as a native son was given this property which he later turned back over to the state of PA. We stopped at the park headquarters and then went to the lake where we had a picnic lunch and then hiked down to some water falls. It was a nice hike but the water was low so the falls were pretty dry. We then drove around the park and to a scenic route back through the country side back to Williamsport. When we got close to Williamsport we stopped in and small town called Mountourisville and had all you can eat beer battered fish at the Bird House resturant. We then returned back to the hotel where I'm writting this post. We meet with the UIC tomorrow for our schedule of games for Saturday. Before the meeting, we plan to go to the original LL field where it all started 66 years ago. Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 25

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Today was a great day! The weather was fabulous and the only thing I had to do was my plate job on the International semi-final. Friday is an off day with no games because it's held open for rain make-up games. We haven't had any rain since last Saturday so we are rolling through to Saturday and Sunday this week for the US and International Championship games and then the World Series on Sunday. We meet with the UIC on Saturday at 10:30 for our assignments for Saturday's games, so I won't have anything to post until then. We are going to take it easy tomorrow, maybe drive to the country and see some of PA. It's sure pretty here with all the green, not like California where it's brown and hot. I will post more on Saturday. Thanks for the Emails sent to my address and also to the LL web site. If you want to go into that site and look around at the pictures and send me an email, click here: and it will take you there. More later...

Wednesday, August 24

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The weather was quite chilly this evening, but what a beautiful day today. It was in the 70's all day today and boy was it nice. This morning we went to a focus group with Steve Keener, CEO for LL baseball and we discussed whether or not the possibility to ban pitchers from throwing the breaking pitch in LL. LL baseball wants to be the front runner in youth sports to protect young ball players arms, and wanted to get opinions from the umpires. Steve was looking for ways to administer and enforce a policy if it was ever instituted in our program. There will be a lot more on this later. We then went to the World Series Alumni Interenational Association luncheon which was nice and listened to a play by play announcer from Penn State...he was good. After the luncheon the games started at 3PM and 7:20PM both of which I wasn't working in. Fred did the LF line in the 3 oclock game and both of us watched the late game between S Cal and Flordia. Those of you who saw that game new it was a hot one! Tomorrow I get my second plate at 3PM (12PM Pacific time) Pacific vs Caribbean. It should be a good game as I think both teams are pretty well matched, I'm hoping so anyway, we may or may not get out assignments for Saturday tomorrow. Friday is an off day and was held open just in case of rain outs, and we haven't had any rain. They schedules may come on Satuday, we will have to wait and see. Don't forget the game tomorrow. More later...

Tuesday, August 23

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Today's weather was beautiful. The temp. was in the 70's and low 80's with very low humity. This was the last day of the long game schedule and pool play, for the rest of the tournament there will only be two games a day. We didn't get our game schedules tonight because of the positioning of teams was unknown going into the semi-finals. The UIC wanted to wait and see what teams were advancing to the semi's to prevent any conflicts of umpires working games from their own region. We're supposed to get our assignments tomorrow around 11AM. The two games scheduled will be at 12PM (PDT) and 4:30 (PDT). I don't think I will have time to post the games Fred and I are working, so you might have to tune in and find out. All of the umpires have a focus meeting with Stephen Keener tomorrow at 10:45AM. I will explain more about the meeting later. We then are attending the World Series Alumni lunchoen at noon. If I have time to post after the luncheon I will. More later..

Monday, August 22

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It's Monday already, I don't know where the time is going. I have to remind myself to savour every moment because the time is going so fast. We end the pool play tomorrow and get into the semi-final games. The weather has been great today, in the seventy's with low humity and almost cool enough in the evenings to put a jacket on. Not much time to do anything but umpire baseball at this time, but after Tuesday we only have two games a day with Friday being an off day and then the finals on Saturday with the championship on Sunday. Starting on Wednesday we will have some time to explore the area and see the original Little League field and maybe drive to Green Acres to the summer camp area about 45 minutes from Williamsport. It's a beautiful drive in the country to a place that LL uses for summer baseball camps. Meeting a lot of friends that we have made over the's been great. The games tomorrow (Tuesday) are as follows: 8AM (PDT) I have 3rd base with Russia vs Manila on ESPN2 and at 1PM (PDT) Left field line with Great Lakes vs New England on ESPN. Freddy has a plate at 10AM Saudia Aribia vs Venesula on ESPN and a right field line at 4:30 (PDT) Vista California vs the Southwest. More tomorrow...

Sunday, August 21

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This is sunday and the weather is still humid but a little cooler. My schedule today was two lines, a left field at 3PM (EDT) and right field at 7PM (EDT) The 3PM game was between the Midwest and Northwest. Believe it or not I had a lot of action on the left field line, three homeruns and a couple of fair fouls. More then some of my games when working the bases. The right field line this evening was a game between Japan and Curacao. This was a fairly dead game for the guy on the right field line. One home run that was so far out of the yard, you could have called it from Placerville. I have a pretty easy schedule for tomorrow, only one game and it is: 12PM (PDT) at first base between the Northwest and the Southwest, that will be on ESPN. Freds' schedule is as follows: 11AM (PDT) 3rd base between Latin America vs Japan on ESPN2 and at 5PM between Mid-Atlantic vs Midwest ESPN2. This will be a good one to watch, because Freddy will probably be dancing with the RAT! Thanks for the emails it's good to hear from those that have seen me on TV. Most people that saw me dancing with the RAT have told me not to quit my day job. It isn't easy keeping up with dugout. More tomorrow...

Sunday, August 21

I appoligze for not posting Saturday, I had 4PM game between Curacao and Venezuela. The game went 8 innings and was a three hour game. I lost count of the number of time outs that both teams had for substitutions but it was a bunch! Both teams had 14 players each and just to get all the players in was a chore. Anyway, it wasn't a bad game, good pitching for the most part and the final score was 5 to 4 Curacao. Because the game went so long I had to turn around and do third base in the next game and I was beat by the end of the second game and all I wwanted to do is go have a cold one somewhere. Umpiring a total of 14 innings as hot and humid as it was has a tendency to drain the energy real fast. As I mentioned it's been pretty warm and real humid on Saturday. More on Sunday in the next message

Friday, August 19

Wow!! what a difference a day makes. I woke up this morning and it was pouring outside. I thought to myself...this wasn't forcasted to happen what is going on? Today was the day we were supposed to go on the field for the first time and go over the ground rules for the tournament. We couldn't get onto the fields because it was too wet and besides, the weather fooled the grounds keepers and the didn't even tarp the field, it was totally soaked. We went over the ground rules with the managers and coaches in the grandstands of Lamade stadium at around 8AM. This took about 1 hour, then we went into the umpires locker room and went over how to handle the dugouts with the ESPN people and we talked about umpire rotations until about 10:30AM. It continued to rain but we went back to the hotel to get ready for the opening ceremonies which were going to take place at 2PM. We were supposed to get back to the umpire locker room by 1PM, and when we did they had cancelled the opening ceremonies. By the way it stopped raining about 12PM and when we got to the stadium they told us the three games were still on schedule. As I told you yesterday, I worked 1st base in the first game and 2nd base in the 3rd game. I hope you were able to watch, and someone was able to record them for me on DVR. I won't talk about the games, but the experience of being in a game in Lamade Stadium is indescrible, there is so much energy and the crowd noise is terrific. You can't here anything on the field except the crowd, it's impossible to hear any of your fellow umpires. You have to keep your eyes on everyone of the umpires to communicate. It was an awsume experience and I am really proud to be here and represent the Western Region and all the local leagues I umpire in.
Tomorrow's schedule is as follows: I have a 1PM (PDT) plate between the Caribbean vs Latin America, and 3rd base at 5PM (PDT) between Southest and Mid-Atlantic. Both these games should be great games. I'm not sure whether my plate game will be televised in the US or not, I know it's televised but maybe only to South America and the Caribbean. Anyway, check it out and see if you can pick me up. My good friend Fred is scheduled for a right field line at 10AM (PDT) and first base on the 3PM (PDT) game. More tomorrow.

Thursday, August 18

Today was a busy one that started with a meeting at 8:30AM with all the umpires, managers and coaches. Stephen Keener CEO for LL Baseball welcomed everyone to the series and thanked them for volunteering their services for the youth. Everyone was briefed from the director of ESPN and ABC on what to expect from the video media while at the series. Every game will be televised at the series this year all but three that are not broadcast in the united states will be televised to Latin America. After this breifing, we went over to headquarters to the conference room and all the umpires met with Andy Konyar the Chief Umpire for LL Baseball. He discussed what the umpires should expect during the tournament and what he expected of the umpires as it relates to conduct on the field etc. The director of ESPN/ABC came over and talked to the umpires alone and said they would'nt be using the maskcam and the capcam this year because all broadcast were to be in high definition, using the two camara's mentioned above would interfere with the HD somehow. None of the umpires were upset with this announcement, because using those camera's can sometimes be rather restrictive. We then recieved our schedule for the first 16 games.
When this meeting was over, we exchanged pins, shirts etc. and then had free time for a couple of hours. We met again at 4:00PM, had our group and individual pictures taken and then boarded a bus to downtown Williamsport to be in a parade. All the umpires rode in a trolly bus and threw out candy and baseball cards to all the people watching the parade. All of us thought this was going to be boring but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It seems like the whole town turned out to watch the parade. We got back to the hotel around 8:00PM. So far the weather has been great with the temperature around 80 degrees with the humity around 50 degrees.
My schedule for Friday is (all times PDT): Game 1 1PM ESPN2 working 1st base. Game 3 5PM ESPN
working 2nd base. On this game I will also be working with my good friend and partner Fred McKeown who will be working the plate. Tomorrow will be a busy day with opening ceremonies and three games starting the series. I'm out for now but will report more tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17

OK, I know I said that I would start journaling on the 18th, but I just can't wait. Bev and I arrived in PA on the 14th and did some sight seeing in Lancaster county for a few days. We made the drive up to Williamsport today and checked into the hotel today. The weather is good today, about 80 degrees maybe 50 degrees on the hummidy side, but the last few days it's been pretty hot and humid. My first meeting is tomorrow at 8:30AM with Andy Konyar UIC for LL Baseball and also the Managers and Coaches. I believe I will get my schedule sometime tomorrow and will find out more about the opening cerimonies etc. I will post more tomorrow when I get some more news.

Wednesday, August 3

This article appeared in the Auburn Journal, a local newspaper located in Auburn California which is located in the boundries of District 11 Little League. Click on the HEADING to read the whole story!

Wednesday, August 3

Another article from a local newspaper in Nevada City Califonia. Nevada City is also located within the boundries of District 11 Little League. Click on the HEADLINE to read the whole story!

Friday, August 12

This article appeared in the Mountain Democrat, a local newspaper in Placerville California. To read the article, click on the HEADLINE above...


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The schedule is set for the Little League World Series.Click on the headline above to view the schedule.


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Posted 6/30/2005
To get a copy of the 2005 Tournament Rule Differece Chart for Baseball and Softball, go to the "Handouts" link on the left.

World Series Umpire Dugout #5
World Series Umpire Dugout #5
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