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The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. is a grass-roots program for Track and Field Development,Cross Country Running Development, All-Sports Speed Development, Fitness Conditioning and Training, Long Term Health, and an Introductory Volunteer Coaching and Training Program.   The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. is certified by the State of Ohio as a non-profit corporation and is exempt from federal income tax as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. is open to all Northeast Ohio youth and adult enthusiasts regardless of age, sex, race or athletic ability. The organization draws its low/moderate income membership locally, from the Warren and Trumbull-Mahoning County, Ohio public and parochial school systems. The Striders' mission is to help student-athletes and adults, develop to their fullest potential, regardless of their athletic ability physically, psychologically, socially, and academically.

PHYSICALLY--Learning sport specific skills, improving their physical conditioning and developing long term health habits.

PSYCHOLOGICALLY--Learning to develop positive self-esteem, learning to control their emotions and having humility in victory and defeat.

SOCIALLY--Learning cooperation and team work in a competitive environment with emphasis on appropriate behavior on and off the track or any venue and,

ACADEMICALLY--Helping them to learn to appreciate the value of education and the maintenance of high academic standards in order to become a good productive citizen.

Program Goals:                                 

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. offers an organized, positive recreational and competition based foundation to all local and area youth and adults.

The organization encourages participation in developmental and elite competitions, as well as encourages an academic commitment to excellence. Additional program goals promote family and community interacton, good citizenship and positive self esteem.

The Striders help to reduce youth apathy and negative youth activities, while attempting to create a "sound mind and body". Furthermore, the program encourages the benefits of long term healthful exercise, physical fitness and good nutrition.

Participation and volunteerism promotes the idea that "Each one should Teach one and Always give something back". The Striders host an annual Kiddies Meet and has had a strong presence in local, district, state, regional and national competitions.

Friday, December 8
Winter Speed Development, Conditioning and Training Program Now In Session

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. is currently conducting a winter "Speed Machines" all sports Speed Development, Fitness Conditioning and Training to improve speed in any performer regardless of sport speciality.


The annual summer track and field program consists of 8-10 weeks of age appropriate supervision. Age groups run 10-under through 19-over. Initially, pre-season conditioning sessions begin in May and are held 2-3 times a week, for 1 1/2 hrs. Summer practices begin June through July, 3 times a week, for 2 hrs. The practice facilities are located at Deemer Park, located near Warren Western Reserve Middle School, 200 Loveless SW., Warren, Ohio 44485.

The Warren Striders Track Club, Inc. encourages participation in low intensity "Developmental" and high intensity "Elite" competitions.

The club, affiliated with the USATF and the Lake Erie USATF, participates in the USATF Junior Olympics at the District, Regional and National levels. AAU participation is optional.

Summer competitions are held on the weekends throughout the area, state and out of state.


Team Uniform
Earned awards and Certificates
Media publicity
Fund Raisers/Volunteerism
Club Picnic/Fun
Developmental/Elite Competitions


Learn warm-up ritual and routine drills
Age appropriated supervision
Learn cool-down ritual
Distribution of club announcements/handouts as needed


Warm-up and Cool-Down routine
Flexibility and streches for injury prevention
Coordination and reaction drills for running mechanics and leg speed
Event workouts for technique, stamina, strength and speed
Relaxation, visualization and recovery techniques
Start techniques, drills with/without starting blocks
Finish Line drills
Baton passing drills/techniques for relays

For more information call: 330-372-6252. Visit the program site at: www.warrenstriderstrackclubinc.com