Whitchurch-Stouffville Softball Association: Rainout Notification

The WSSA uses Remind 101 to notify you via a text message on your cell phone when there's a rainout on your night of play. Follow the simple instructions below to sign up for Remind 101. We'll also post cancellations on the home page of this website, whenever possible, as well.

  • Games and practices will be canceled due to inclement weather by the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville (by 5:00 PM) if they feel the diamonds are unplayable due to puddles, slippery grass, etc., or by the WSSA (as soon as possible).
  • The WSSA will send a notification via Remind 101 text alert prior to game time only. If a text alert is not sent out prior to game time, it is up to the coaches, umpires and players to arrive at the diamond and determine if it is playable.
  • If inclement weather occurs after a game has started, it is up to the coaches, umpires and players to decide whether or not to continue play. The WSSA will not send out a text alert in this case.
  • Traveling Loop Teams - The host town/city will inform the WSSA if a game is cancelled as quickly as they can to avoid travel time. We understand that travel time is involved in getting to games, so we will try and contact players, coaches and umpires as quickly as possible; however, sometimes it is not possible.  
We thank you for your patience in the event of inclement weather. 

To sign up for Remind 101 text alerts:

Step 1:  Enter this number into your cell phone: 289-812-3794

Step 2:  Text one of the messages in the table below based on your child's night of play. For example:

If James plays on Tuesday, enter "@Tues-2017". 

           If Sarah also plays on Wednesday, send a second text message and enter "@Wed-2017".

That's it! You'll receive a text message if there's a rainout on the night of play you entered. Please be aware that standard text charges may apply.

Text to 289-812-3794

 Day/night of Play  Text Message
 Sunday  @Sun-2017
 Monday   @Mon-2017
 Tuesday   @Tues-2017
 Wednesday   @Wed-2017
 Thursday   @Thurs-2017       
 Friday   @Fri-2017
 Saturday  @Sat-2017