Whitchurch-Stouffville Softball Association: Why play Softball?

Softball - That's My Game

Softball is one of the few games that people can play throughout their lives. It's a challenging game at the Learn to Play level, lots of good ball into the teenage years, and continues to be a fun game to play as an adult. Many people continue to play well into their sixties and beyond. 

The main difference between baseball and softball is that softball uses a larger ball (11-inch circumference in the younger divisions and 12-inch circumference in Peewee and above), an underhand pitch (windmill), and shorter base paths, making for a much faster pace and more exciting game to play!





Check out the Sport Science Myths and Legends video on whether it's harder to hit a softball than a baseball...


One of Canada's favourite comedians, Rick Mercer, took some time out of his busy schedule to play some softball. Mercer, filming a segment for his CBC show The Rick Mercer Report, visited London, Ontario, where the Ontario Intercollegiate Womens's Fastpitch Association (OIWFA) was holding their annual championship tournament.