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INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS Register Here (to be assigned to a team) 


1. This link is for new players who want to play but have no team, or
2. Is a current player but wants to sign-up to play an additional day but has no team.
3. Do not use this link if you already have a team, and need to register for your 2010 player ID card. If you only need the player ID card, then click here. 

You will be assigned to a team on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once we have enough for one team, then we'll close the roster, contact those players, and then begin forming another team.  We will contact you once we have enough for the team.   We could contact you as soon as today, or as late as a month depending on whether you signed up in time for the current session, or if it happens to be in the middle of a session, then it will be a while before we place you.

Click here for Duplicate ID or Incomplete Registrants

This link is for the following:

1.  Players who already have a 2010 player ID card, but want to purchase a duplicate ID because it's misplaced, lost, or because they're playing on more than one team. 
2.  Players who were sent here by the registrar due to something missing when they originally registered (i.e. picture not uploaded properly, fee not paid)**
3.  Captain or player sent here by coordinator to make a payment.
4.  Player who didn't register 5 days in advance, want to play within a 5-day period, but need to complete the $5 rush or late-add fee.  **Player or captain will need to confirm back to make sure the player is eligible to play.  Don't assume just because something was completed 5 minutes prior to game time means the player is eligible to play and that an ID will magically appear at the field!
5.  Captains who are paying for one of their players because they do not have a credit/debit card.  The player must still go to this link to register and complete the waiver: 2010 Player ID & Waiver  When it asks, Choose player ID card, and when it redirects to pay, they can ignore that section.