Adult Soccer League: Rain Updates

Currently, All Games Are On


If it's non-stop rain the days proceeding, then most likely, the games will be canceled in advance (exception: Glendale fields).  If it's only drizzling, then we'll most likely make the decision closer to game time.  Since the majority prefer playing, we'll wait it out and the cut-off is one hour before the start of games.  If you prefer not constantly checking back, then check one hour before the start of game times to see if the game's were canceled.  If games are canceled at this time, then the website will be updated and all games for the entire day/night are also canceled, even if it stops raining.  If you don't see any update, then games are still on. 

Game's can still get canceled at any time if it begins to pour as the day/night proceeds.  If canceled, the ref will then call off the games and inform a coordinator, who will then update the website.  A coordinator will send a follow-up to the captain's via email or text so you can then send a follow-up text to your players.   


Sometimes the website is down and we aren't able to update it (or we're out of town).  If this is the case, then we'll email or text message the captain and co-captain so they can contact their players. 


Captains can call/text Sherisse for confirmation.  If the games are canceled, our message will indicate that.  If there's no cell message indicating this, then game's are still on.  You should have your players check the website as well.  The less people you have to contact, the better.  You can text/call the rest of those who don't have access.