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Team Manager - Debbie Sheridan
Team Coach - Brian Sheridan
Field Instructor - Leeann Medina

Printed in the Pasadena Star-News


Monday, May 17, 2004


Kick out of life


            The best Mother's Day experience around is what happens at El Encanto Park in Duarte every Saturday.  Women ranging in age from 20 to 60-plus play organized soccer.  Our team is Haute Pink.  We are proudly the oldest team in the league.  With the exception of two gracious players.  Leeann and Angie, or ages range between 44 and 62.  Debbie Sheridan, our enthusiastic team manager, is the primary recruiter.  Her son, Brian, husband to Angie, is our coach.

            We are lawyers, stockbrokers, administrators, nutritionists, nurses and researchers.  Some of us are moms; others are not.  We are mothering 26 children among us.  The league has eight teams.  We are the oldest by far.  While we are older and a bit "fluffier" than most, we make up a lot in grit and determination.  Some of our teammates have never played a sport.  We have spent our adulthood cheering others on at the sidelines and in the bleachers.  This is clearly one of the most liberating activities of our lives.

            We are little girls - at least in our spirit as we drive and retrieve that ball down the field.  It is invigorating to compete and improve.

            The sidelines are not crowded.  Hardly anyone watches or applauds.  Sometimes Nan's dog barks for her.  It does not matter.  It is the most fun thing we do all week.  Our faithful coach encourages us by addressing our mistakes as bad luck or "good tries."  He is crazy to indulge us, but we lover every bit of him for it.  The whole experience is a blast.

            One of our players, Carlene Sutherland, calls shin guards armored "greeves" like in the Iliad.  She calls practice rehearsal.  She runs like Barbie, but has developed into an impressive defender.

            Our best ball handlers are Luisa, a native Italian and Angie.  They can compete.  Our goalies Debbie Moust and Hoda have kept us in the running.  Janet Bowen and Chris Friar, a native German, have ferociously pushed the ball toward the goal.  My specialty is the corner kick.  Sandy, Linda, Nan and Vickie are just tough all-around players.

            This letter is to congratulate our team.  We scored our first goal last week with a pass from Chris to Hoda.  I was sitting on the sidelines.  It was like "Chariots of Fire."  We cried and celebrated.  It was more than a goal - it was a symbol that we could try something new.  Band together as older women with different paths and evolve into a wonderful group.

            Cheers to you Haute Pink.  Keep on kicking.


Debbie Jones