Wisconsin Shores Little League: Links

Wisconsin District 6 site
This is our district site. If you want to know about the other little league sites in our area, this site has links to them all.

Little League
This is the main Little League site. Lots of info here for the Little League geek!

Medical Site - Disability Information & Resources
If you are are looking for adaptive clothing, toys, government resources, medical equipment, items for disabled, deaf, etc., this is the site! This is a huge site that is very well organized.

Assisted Living Store
Do you go through bibs like we do at our house? Then this site is for you. By far the cheapest prices on bibs I have found. Plus other items.

IRIS website
This is the website to IRIS. If your child is getting close to turning 18, I strongly encourage you to read all of the info contained in this website. The state is thinking about merging IRIS and family care. Keep up with the latest with this website.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services
This site has it all -- information on aging, disabilities, Badgercare, foodshare, IRIS, lots of forms (power of attorney for example), and group homes. Take the time to get to know this site. Whether you are looking for needed resources now, planning ahead for your soon to be adult child, or resources for seniors, this is the site.

Angel Autism Network
This organization offers many resources for families.

Children's Hospital of WI Transition Information
Lots of info here from Milwaukee Children's Hospital on transition to adult care

Greater WI Agency on Aging Resources
This has a ton of info on guardianships. Scroll down to the bottom and on the right side, click on "WI Guardianship Support Center".