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Referee and ball

The 2014 Fall Session Referee Clinic will be on Saturday, AUG 16 at the Stephen Reust Lakeview Soccer Fields.

 Start time this year is 9:00 am.  and should be complete by 11:00 am.

Anyone 13 years of age and older by July 31, 2014 can attend.  The beginner referees will work the Atoms Division games.  

We are ALWAYS  in need of more ADULT referees.

 Pay for referees range from $10 per game for the Pee Wee to $30 per game for the High School Girls Division.

If you have any questions, please  email info@washmosoccer.com

Short Flash Tutorial on th OFFSIDE Rule
Referee and ball

 This flash video is quite short, but absolutely AWESOME !  Perhaps nothing causes more consternation than the offside rule in soccer.

The confusion comes from the fact that a player must simultaneously meet four conditions before being ruled offside. Want to know more?  Click here to view a short Flash tutorial on the offside rule.  In a few minutes, you will almost be an expert!

Also take time to view the tutorial on basic soccer rules and field markings.   This  flash video is GREAT for Parents, young players, new coaches ... and an excellent review for some others as well.

  Thanks todynamic-thought.com for the tutorials.

Field Directions !!!
Directions for all of the Game sites in Franklin County Soccer Assn. are posted on the "Locations" page of this site. Each Game site has either a thumbnail map that can be enlarged or has a "compass" icon that will link to a Mapquest map for the site.

Practices sites are also posted. Primary and secondary assignments may be found on a pop-up on the "Forms & Information" page. Actual site locations may be found on the map posted on the "Locations" page.