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BCSA Typhon

Real Name: Typhon

Identity/Class: Titan/Olympian god

Occupation: God of wind, enemy of Olympus

Affiliations: Titans of Olympus; Arges, Harpy, Kottus, Loki, Tartaro, Yellow-Crested Titan,

Enemies: Olympian gods(especially Hercules, but also Bia, Kratos, Pluto, Zeus, and the rest),
the Avengers ( Beast, Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thunderstrike, Vision, Wasp); Black Widow, Iceman

Known Relatives: Tartarus (father), Gaea (mother), Delphyne (sister, deceased), Echidna (wife, deceased), Geryon (brother-in-law, deceased), Chrysaor (father-in-law), Cerberus (son), Ladon, Chimaera, Orthrus (sons, deceased), Hydra, Phaea, Sphinx (daughters, deceased)

Aliases: Typhaon, Typhoeus, Typhoon

Base of Operations: Tartarus; formerly, Mount Etna, Sicily

First Appearance: Avengers I#49 (February, 1968)

Powers/Abilities: Typhon possesses incredible strength (Class 100), stamina, vigor and resistance to injury over any other Olympian God. In ancient times, he could command and control the disruptive force of hurricanes, tornadoes and some but not all aspects of storm

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Bergen County Soccer Academy

Bergen County
Soccer Academy

The Bergen County Soccer Academy is a newly established private youth soccer academy not affiliated in any manner or form with any existing youth soccer club, youth soccer academy, soccer camp, or youth soccer organization in the United States or New Jersey except for the Valley United Blast U13 Boys and US Club Soccer


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