Worland Wildfires: Welcome

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The Worland Wildfires is a girls fast pitch softball team that is registered with the ASA (Amateur Softball Association). The team was formed in 2012 and then joined the ASA in 2013.  In addition to bringing many years of experience to the field, all of our coaches have completed coursework through ASA and have been ACE certified (including a thorough background check).  Our goal is to revive the rich history of Fast Pitch softball in our community... one that the Lady Monarchs started years ago. 


Wildfires Mission:  To assist young girls 18 & under in developing confidence in themselves while learning the art of Fast Pitch Softball.  Through competitive play, our goal is to teach life skills that will assist them in the development and transformation from girls into  young women, that will value preparation, hard work, honesty and team work.