Parkview Swim Team: Organization

Friday, May 25
Swim Board 2012
  • Raquel Terroba, President: responsible for guiding parent organization to fulfill annual team goals. Liaison with Parent Leaders. 'Go to person' aware of total organization and responsible for seeing that all Parent Leaders fulfill their roles.
  • Duane Stanford, VP: shares responsibility with President as delegated. Willing and able to step in should President be unavailable.
  • Kris Lord, Secretary: coordinates team communications, works with Parent Leader Liaisons from both Woods of Parkview (Hugh Tait) and Smoketree (Ashleigh Hally) to ensure all families are receiving critical updates.
  • Jill Austin and Alyn Kellerman, Treasurers: create annual budget; pay league fees and coaches; maintain bank account, make deposits and write all checks.
  • Karla Foster, GCSL Council Rep: responsible for league communications, rule application and fulfillment of swim league requirements. Attends league meetings and serves as team spokesman to the league.


Handout: Reimbursement Request Form