Woolwich Recreational Volleyball Club: News

Friday, June 12
Tentative Fall 2015 Schedule

Subject to school board approval of rental permits, this is what the Fall 2015 schedule will be:

- Tuesdays from Sep 22 to Dec 8 ($84 for the 12 weeks)

- 7:30pm to 9:30pm

- EDSS Double-gym 

Have a good summer! 


Monday, January 5
Winter 2015 Session

The 2015 winter session starts tomorrow (Tue, Jan 6th).  It will run every week until the end of April with the exception of March Break (Tue, Mar 17) for a total of 16 weeks.

We are in the EDSS Double-Gym for the entire session.

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, September 16
Last minute cancellation of first session. School Board revoked permit.
First session (Sep 16) is cancelled.  Hopefully they can get the permit working for next week.  Note that the permit was requested in May.

Tuesday, August 26
Fall 2014 Update

Just a quick update to let you know that registration starts on Tuesday Sep 2nd (Woolwich Memorial Centre or online at woolwich.ca).  The first session will be Tuesday Sep 16th, 7:30-9:30pm in the EDSS double-gym (see Handouts page for directions).  If anything changes, I'll post a new update. 

 Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, August 6
Fall 2014

Permits have yet to be approved by the School Board but it looks like we will be playing in the EDSS double gym starting either Tue Sep 16 or Tue Sept 23 @7:30pm.  Stay tuned for more details in late Aug or early Sep!


Tuesday, January 21
Winter 2014 Session Locations Finalized

We have just received the offical permit from the School Board.  We will be in the double gym for January (21, 28) and then shift to the single gym for the rest of the session (Feb 4 to May 13, no sessions Feb 25 or Mar 11).

Hope you can come out!


Tuesday, January 7
Jan 7 - Volleyball Cancelled

Due to the weather and all schools being closed, volleyball is cancelled this week.  Hope to see you on Tue Jan 21st in the EDSS big gym!


Friday, January 3
Winter Session Confirmed

We have gotten confirmation from the Township that we have some gym space for the 16-week winter session.   January is officially confirmed and the rest of the sessions are just waiting for official School Board approval of the gyms.  If anything changes, I will update.

[schedule updated above] 


Friday, December 13
Winter 2014 Preliminary Schedule

We're waiting for Board approval but it looks like the Winter 2013 session will start on Tue Jan 7th and end on Tue May 13th.  Sessions will be from 7:30-9:30 at EDSS and either be in half the double gym or in the small gym.  

There will be no sessions on Jan 14, Feb 25, or Mar 11 due to lack of gym availability.

If there are any changes, I will let you know!



Tuesday, August 27
Preliminary Fall 2013 Information

The School Board has issued our permit.  Yay!


For the Fall session, we will be starting Tue Sep 17 and ending on Tue Dec 10.  The gym is unavailble on Dec 3 so that brings the total to 12 weeks of play.

New Time Slot 

Due to popular demand, this session we will be playing from 7:30 to 9:30pm.

Details regarding costs and registration dates will follow.

Hope to see you soon! 


Friday, May 31
Fall 2013 Details To Be Announced

We have requested the EDSS Double Gym from Tue Sep 17 to Tue Dec 10 (13 weeks).  Also, due to popular request, we have requested that our time slot be moved up by 45 minutes to 7:30pm-9:30pm.

We will post details regarding the Fall 2013 session as soon as the school board issues our permit.

Looking forward to seeing you in the fall!


Tuesday, February 5
New Woolwich Recreational Volleyball Club Website
Welcome to the new site for the Woolwich Recreational Volleyball Club.  Visit this website for registration information as well as schedule details.

Tuesday, February 5
Winter 2013 Session Status

Just a reminder that the Winter 2013 session was cut short because of lack of gym availability.  There are currently 5 sessions left and they will all be played at Park Manor.  The last session is on March 5th.  Hope to see lots of you out tonight!