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Woolmarket Little League
Woolmarket Little League  
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Woolmarket Local Weather
Woolmarket Little League
Cory Peterson
Woolmarket, Mississippi

Welcome to the Woolmarket Little League.   For more info email:


Sunday, January 13
Dicks Sporting Goods Coupon

Please click on the headline for coupons for Woolmarket LL players to use at Dicks.

Sunday, January 13

2013 Registration for ages 11-16 by April 30, 2013 will take place online only at this time. ALL other age groups are closed and full at this time.


Cost is $35 for City of Biloxi residents. All others are $65 for the first player, $55 for the second and $45 for each additional player. 

See attached flier for more info.

Handout: 2013 registration flier

Sunday, January 13
2013 volunteer app

If you plan on volunteering in any capacity with the children, you must complete and turn in the attached volunteer application. Background checks are mandatory for the safety of the children.
Handout: 2013 volunteer app

Saturday, January 30
Resident info

To determine if you are a resident please click in the link above or navigate to  If your street address is within the limits of this map then you are determined to be a city resident and your fees will be paid by the city.

Registration form

Attached is the registration form you can print and bring to registration.
Handout: Registration form

Monday, January 14
Letter to Dad

Dad,I have to tell you, I don't know if this is the best way, but I have to tell you anyway. It's because I suffer a lot, you see when I am supposed to be having fun. I say that because when you make me play something it is to have fun.I used to like baseball. I don't anymore, because I suffer. I thought that to play baseball was only that, to play. Between you and the mothers and fathers of the rest of the kids on the team, it makes me crazy and I don't want to wear my uniform anymore.On one of the days when I was catching, because the kid who plays that position didn't come, I threw to second base when someone was stealing. You screamed at me, "Don't throw it like that. It's too high!" The truth was that I didn't even think that my throw was going to reach the base.That day, Sunday, was when I was going to have fun after being in school all week. I didn't tell you anything because I didn't want you to grumble, but my left hand was inflamed after the game. I think it was because I never played that position before. I usually play second base. The catcher's mask was heavy and one throw hit me in the arm. It hurt, but if I said something you will be mad, like when we lose a game.I used to like to make believe I was Luis Sojo or Roberto Alomar at second base, but now I don't like it very much because people are yelling and grumbling all the time, including you.All of us on the team have been talking about it and some have decided not to play baseball anymore, to see if then we would be happy like other kids.Our manager also suffers when everyone yells, and when we lose they all complain about the bad substitutions. Every parent wants their kid to play and the manager can't play us all at the same time at the same position. And when we win not everyone congratulates him."I'm very sure, Dad that you think you are doing what you have to do. But do you know what I heard 'That a lot of parents want to pressure their sons to improve their game, without caring whether they are having fun or not. You're not like that, are you dad?" Because that would be very bad, and you are a good person.I forgot how to hit, dad, because when I'm standing there, the people start to say things to me, to move here or there, and I get confused. Besides, what they yell is different from what we practice.I don't understand, and I would like to understand. To see you so worried and so distressed when I play is hard. You know, Daddy, I love you very much and I don't want you to suffer because I don't know how to play the way you want me to play.Your son, who doesn't know how to play catcher

Friday, January 29
Sponsorship forms

sponsorship forms
Handout: sponsor forms

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Woolmarket Little League
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