Woodstock Industrial Co-Ed: Welcome

Wednesday, April 15
2015 Woodstock Industrial Co-Ed Ball Season

Welcome to the 2015 Woodstock Industrial Co-Ed website.

 First and foremost, congratulations to the 2014 Woodstock Industrial Co-ed Slo Pitch champions - Bandits.  The Bandits had some very challenging opponents to test their skills during the playoffs, and they were up to the task.   For those who have been involved or follow the league, for a number of years the Bandits have come ever so close to the season championships, just within reach, but not quite enough.  A championship well deserved!  

 Very good games for sure in 2014. Take nothing away from the regular season games, our league has some of the finest lob-ball playoffs in Woodstock!

 The Woodstock Industrial Co-ed league has been gaining a lot of attention recently within the city.  This is especially evident in the past four years where we've had a waiting list of teams wanting to join - and we never advertise for our league membership which is impressive.  It has made it especially important that current teams now let the league know in the fall for the following year their intentions of joining or dropping out.   

Welcome in 2015 to two new teams, Pitchs be Crazy and Laser Works.  I hope that all teams, especially the new teams, have an enjoyable season with the league. 

Emile Gauvin
Woodstock Industrial Co-Ed League Chairman.