Woodstock Industrial Co-Ed: Welcome

Monday, April 10
2017 Ball opening page

Welcome to the 2017 Woodstock Industrial Co-Ed website.

It's now time to dust off the baseball equipment and get ready for your opponents. 

The City of Woodstock is now completed some of the Woodall projet in the north-end of the city so we will be playing Sunday evenings on diamonds 2 and 3.  While this comes with some benefit for our league - like more diamond availability - it also presents challenges for scheduling since we still have the time slots at the Fanshawe complex.  Hopefully we can get more time at Woodall and expand the league next year.

This year we welcome the SAF Holland ball team to the league, still good to see industries enter teams, it's how the league was started.  With this, Kevin Barlow's team, the Bandits, have decided not to re-enter this year.  The Bandits have played some very fine ball in the league over the years.  Kevin was very helpful on the executive managing the league and will be missed.   

Here's hoping to the best for your team! 

 Emile Gauvin
Woodstock Industrial Co-Ed League Chairman.