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  2015 Tournament of Champions Winners and Runners-up

   Champion Runner-up 
 Rookies Reds Nationals 
 Minors Orioles  Braves 
 Majors Yankees  Marlins 


2015 Regular Season Champions and Runners-up

  Champion  Runner-up 
 Rookies   Reds  Angels
 Minors  Orioles  Padres
 Majors  Marlins  Giants



 2015 Derby Results:  

Age 3 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Eric Hernandez Jake Quemer Jake Quemer
2nd Bryson Miller Eric Hernandez Eric Hernandez
3rd Elias Roberts Elias Roberts Mason Oesterle
Age 4 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Aiden Yoder Mason Anderson Mason Anderson
2nd Xavier Montez Michael Lopes Evan Cardoza
3rd Evan Cardoza Mateo Duarte Xavier Montez
Age 5 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Stephen Marquez, Jr. Joseph Moreno Joseph Moreno
2nd Dahntay Gonzales Ryan Constancio Aidan Perez
3rd Ryan Constancio Dahntay Gonzales Benjamin Stanton
Age 6 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Davont Gupton Micco Morales-Martinez Makai Hernandez
2nd Micco Morales-Martinez Daniel Mendez Edward Gill
3rd Jax Dawson Noah Parker Maveric Merrill
Age 7 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Aaron Angulo Izaiah Gonzales Izaiah Gonzales
1st (tie) Joseluis Mendez III    
2nd Cisco Quintana Jordan Constancio Jordan Constancio
3rd Izaiah Gonzales Samuel Ruvalcaba Joseph Cadotte
Age 8 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Logan Ryan Martin Bartz Martin Bartz
2nd Chad Morley Isaac Guerrero Chad Morley
3rd Isaac Guerrero Richard Sandoval Andrew Sanchez
Age 9 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Jared Sanchez Jared Sanchez Keegan Hoes
2nd Janel Bartz Eli Meyer Justin Zeiler
3rd Eli Meyer Janel Bartz Jared Sanchez
Age 10 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Mateo Morales Hayden Stapleton Isaiah Chavez
2nd Marques Wilson Isaiah Chavez Hayden Stapleton
3rd Trevor Lerch Trevor Lerch Trevor Lerch
Age 11 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Carlos Vargas, III Alex Angulo Julian Clements
2nd Daniel Guerrero Carlos Vargas, III David Ruiz
2nd (tie)   Christopher Vidales  
3rd Austin Polete Ajay Lucero Daniel Guerrero
Age 12 Running Throwing Hitting
1st Isaac Martinez Mario Orozco Cristian Hernandez
2nd Reece Cartagena Cristian Hernandez Mario Orozco
3rd Tito Rodriguez Vincente Perez Isaac Martinez

Our league was founded on the belief that in order to be successful at the next levels of Babe Ruth, High School, American Legion, and beyond, players have to receive fundamental baseball instruction at a young age. We feel strongly that the best way to do that is the Cal Ripken program. Please join us in building a great competitive baseball league for our children and our community.

  Why Should You Choose Woodland Cal Ripken Youth Baseball?

• Our T-Ball program starts at age 3.

• Our Farm program (ages 5-6) utilizes “coach pitch” instead of a machine so players get used to hitting live pitching.

• Our Rookie program (ages 7-8) uses “kid pitch” and introduces stealing bases by allowing second and third base steals.

• Our Minors program (ages 9-10) is all “kid pitch” and allows kids to steal all bases.

Our Major program offers the closest thing to “Major League baseball” for players aged 11 and 12. The games are played on a 70’ base path with the pitchers mound set 50’ from home plate. Base runners are allowed to lead off. The pitcher can pick off, balk calls are enforced by the umpire, and the ball is live on a dropped strike three.

• We end the season with a double elimination tournament for the rookie, minor, and major divisions.

We participate in FIVE different all star tournaments – 8 and under, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, and 12 year old. All our top players of each age play together on one team.

• All levels of All Star play start at the State level and the winner advances to the Regional. The 10 and 12 year old Regional winners advance to the World Series.

2005, 2008 & 2011 State Champions

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