Woodcreek Little League: Welcome

Woodcreek Little League is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to bringing the Little League experience and values to the players in our league. Woodcreek Little League teams have won 86 Championships (and counting) in our 17 years. We emphasize education, skills training and sportsmanship for youth.

Mahany Baseball Complex

Thursday, July 17
2014 Fall Ball

Interested in playing Fall Ball with Woodcreek Little League?

Fall Ball programs will be:

T-BALL- Ages 5-6 for the 2015 Season
FARM- Ages 6-8 for the 2015 Season
MINORS AA/AAA - Ages 8-10 for the 2015 Season
MAJORS - Ages 10-12 for the 2015 Season
JUNIORS - Ages 13-14 for the 2015 Season

(Ages for the 2015 Season are based on a player's age as of 4/30/2015.)

Other information:
•All practices and games are played at Mahany Park. 
One practice and one game a week.
•Registration cost will be $85/$75. ($10 discount for siblings)
•Teams will be formed the last week in August.
•Season will start after Labor Day, 9/2 and end on 11/7.

If you are interested in managing a Fall Ball team, please contact the Player Agent for that division or turn in the volunteer application at sign ups.

Sign up Dates:
Wednesday, 7/30 from 6-8pm at Legends Banquet Room
Sunday, 8/3 from 12-2pm at Legends Banquet Room
Sunday, 8/10- Location and Time is TBD- please check the website and Facebook for more information.

Wednesday, July 23
****Major Division 2- District 12 San Jose California July 18-26****

Woodcreek Majors are the Section 4 Champions.  Next stop is the Majors Division 2 Tournament in San Jose, hosted by District 12 and Cambrian Park Little Leauge. 

You can click on the link to follow the action.

Cambrian Park Little League
3001 Ross Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124

Saturday, July 19:
Game 1 at 10:00am - Section 1 (D3- Mill Valley)- 4 vs Section 2 (D2- Sutter Buttes)- 3
Game 2 at 1:00pm - Section 3 (D52-Pacifica American)- 14 vs Section 7 (D10- River Park American)- 4 
Game 3 at 4:00pm - Section 4 (D54- Woodcreek)- 10 vs Section 6 (D73- Turlock American)- 5

Sunday, July 20:
Game 4 at 12:30pm - Section 5 (D59- Gilroy)- 3 vs Mill Valley- 4 
Game 5 at 3:00pm - Pacifica American- 14 vs Woodcreek- 6

Sunday, July 20:
Game 6 at 5:30pm - River Park American- 10 vs Turlock American- 3 (elim.)

Monday, July 21:
Game 7 at 2:30pm - Sutter Buttes-6 vs Woodcreek-7 (elim.)  in 7 innings
Game 8 at 5:30pm - Gilroy- 17 vs River Park American- 15 (elim.)

Tuesday, July 22:
Game 9 at 2:30pm - Mill Valley- 0 vs Pacifica American- 12
Game 10 at 5:30pm - Woodcreek- 8 vs  Gilroy- 1  (elim.)

Wednesday, July 23:
Game 11 at 5:30pm - Mill Valley- 5 vs Woodcreek- 11 (elim.)

Championship Series:
Thursday, July 24 - 5:30 p.m.
Game 12 - Pacifica American- 17 vs Woodcreek- 15 (TITLE)

Friday, July 25 - 5:30 p.m.
Game 13 - If necessary

Monday, July 28
9/10 Division 2 Tournament at District 15- Westside Little League from 7/26-8/2

Woodcreek 9/10's are the Section 4 Champions.  Next stop is the 9/10 Division 2 Tournament in Tuolumne, hosted by District 15 and Westside Little Leauge. 

You can click on the link to follow the action.

Jerry Whitehead Sr. Field
18735 Bay Avenue
Tuolumne, CA

Saturday, July 26:
Game 1 at 9:00am - Section 2 (D47- Chico Eastside)- 4 vs Section 7 (D34- Porterville)- 5
Game 2 at 12:00pm - Section 3 (D57- Canyon Creek)- 1 vs Section 4 (D54- Woodcreek)- 13
Game 3 at 3:00pm - Section 5 (D44- Serra)- 10 vs Section 1 (D35- Petaluma National)- 8

Sunday, July 27:
Game 4 at 9:00am - Section 6 (D8- Hoover Tyler)- 16 vs Porterville- 7 
Game 5 at 12:00pm - Woodcreek- 10 vs Serra- 9 

Sunday, July 27:
Game 6 at 3:00pm - Canyon Creek- 8 vs Petaluma National- 3 (elim.)

Monday, July 28:
Game 7 at 5:00pm - Chico Eastside vs Serra (elim.) 

Tuesday, July 29:
Game 8 at 5:00pm - Porterville vs Canyon Creek (elim.)

Wednesday, July 30:
Game 9 at 5:00pm - Hoover Tyler vs Woodcreek

Thursday, July 31:
Game 10 at 5:00pm - Winner 7 vs Winner 8 (elim.)

Friday, August 1:
Game 11 at 5:00pm - Loser 9 vs Winner 10 (elim.)

Championship Series:
Saturday, August 2 - 9:00am
Game 12 - Winner 9 vs Winner 11 (TITLE) 

Sunday, August 3 - 9:00am
Game 13 - If necessary

Thursday, July 17
Senior Section 4 at District 5 (American River College Baseball Complex) from 7/12-7/16

The Seniors start their Section 4 Tournament at American River College.  You can click on the link above for more information.


Game 2- Sat 7/12/14 8pm            Win- D54- Woodcreek- 10 vs. D5- Sunrise- 3                                  
Game 4- Sun 7/13/14 8pm           Win- D11- Rocklin- 3 vs. D54- Woodcreek- 4                                                                   
Game 6- Tue 7/15/14 7pm           Lost- D11- Rocklin- 6 vs. D54- Woodcreek- 0  - Championship Game 
Game 7- Wed 7/16/14 7pm         D11 Rocklin- 9 vs. D54- Woodcreek- 4
(IF Game- Championship)
Record: 2-2

Unfortunately this ends the Seniors run in All-Stars.  Seniors took 2nd place in Section 4.  Congratulations on a great season. 

Wednesday, July 16
Junior Section 4 at District 6 (Natomas LL- North Natomas Regional Park) 7/12-7/17

The Juniors start their Section 4 Tournament at North Natomas Regional Park.  You can click on the link for the brackets.

Saturday, 7/12 at 1pm vs. D11- Tri City-  Lost 10-3
Sunday, 7/13 at 1pm vs. D7- Tahoe Tallac- Won 9-6
Monday, 7/14 at 5:30 vs. D6- Rio Linda - Won 14-4
Tuesday, 7/15 at 5:30 vs. D5- Citrus Heights - Lost 15-11
Record in Sections: 2-2

Unfortunately this ends the Juniors run in All-Stars.  Congratulations on a great season. 

Wednesday, July 16
Major Section 4 District 7 (East Sac LL- Phoebe Hearst School) from 7/11-7/16

The Major All Stars start their tournament at Phoebe Hearst School.  You can click on the link for the brackets.

Friday, 7/11 at 5:30 vs. D11- Lincoln LL - Won 4-1
Sunday, 7/13 at 10am vs. D7- Land Park Pacific - Won 7-3 in 8 innings
Tuesday, 7/15 at at 5:30pm vs. D6- North Natomas (Championship Game)- Won 14-4 in 5 Innings
Record in Sections: 3-0

SECTION 4 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Next stop San Jose for the Nor-Cal Division 2 Tournament. 

Friday, July 18
10/11 Section 4 at District 54 (Consumnes River- Stonehouse Park) from 7/12-7/17

The 11's All Stars will start their Section 4 Tournament at Stonehouse Park in Rancho Murieta.  You can click on the link for the brackets.

Sunday, 7/13 at 9:00am vs. D11- Rocklin- Lost 9-2
Monday, 7/14 at 5pm vs. D6- Rio Linda - Won 11-2
Tuesday, 7/15 at 6pm vs. D5- Rancho Cordova- Won 15-12
Wednesday, 7/16 at 6pm vs. D11- Rocklin.- Won 12-11
Thursday, 7/17 at 6pm vs. D11- Rocklin. Lost 11-1 
Record in Sections: 3-2

Unfortunately this ends the 11's run in All-Stars.  The 11's took 2nd place in Section 4.  Congratulations on a great season. 

Thursday, July 17
9/10 Section 4 at District 11 (Lincoln LL) from 7/12-7/17

The 9/10 All Stars will start their Section 4 Tournament at McBean Park in Lincoln.  You can click on the link for the brackets.

Saturday, 7/12 at 7:30pm vs. D5- Fair Oaks/Orangevale LL- Won 14-0
Monday, 7/14 at 7:30pm vs. D6- North Natomas - Won 5-1
Wednesday, 7/16 at 7:00pm vs. D5- Fair Oaks/Orangevale- Won 10-3 (Championship Game) 
Record in Sections: 3-0

SECTION 4 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Next stop District 15- Westside Little League in Tuolomne for the Nor-Cal Division 2 Tournament. 

Thursday, July 10
District 54 All Star Brackets


Congratulations to ALL 5 WOODCREEK ALL STAR TEAMS for winning the DISTRICT 54 CHAMPIONSHIPS.  From what we have been able to locate, this is the first time in the history of Woodcreek Little League that we have won all 5 Banners in the same year. As a league, the teams went an incredible 24-2.

Here are the results for Woodcreek Little League:

9/10's (5-1) at Richards Field (Roseville West Little League):
6/29- Won 12-2 over Ponderosa
7/3- Won 10-9 over Roseville West
7/6- Lost 11-6 to El Dorado Hills
7/7- Won 9-2 over Roseville West
7/8- Won 20-8 over El Dorado Hills
7/9- Won 4-3 over El Dorado Hills (Championship IF Game)


11's (4-0)  at Jeff Mitchell Field (El Dorado Hills Little League):
6/29- Won 3-1 over Maidu
7/2- Won over Folsom American
7/7- Won 15-1 over El Dorado Hills
7/9- Won 8-2 over Folsom National (Championship Game)

Majors (8-1)- at Feist Park (Lakeside Little League):
6/28- Won 3-0 over Roseville West
6/29- Lost 8-5 to Folsom American
6/30- Won 23-1 over Snowline
7/1- Won 4-3 over Consumnes River
7/3- Won 9-1 over Folsom National
7/5- Won 10-0 over Folsom American
7/6- Won 17-2 over El Dorado Hills
7/7- Won 11-4 over Lakeside
7/8- Won 5-4 in 7 Innings over Lakeside (Championsip Game)

Juniors (5-0) at Stonehouse Park (Consumnes River Little League):
6/24- Won 8-1 over Gold Rush
6/28- Won 10-5 over El Dorado Hills
6/29- Won 5-2 over Folsom National
7/2- Won 5-2 over Folsom American
7/7- Won 6-3 over Folsom American (Championship Game)

Seniors (2-0) at Mahany Park:
6/30- Won 12-0 over Gold Rush
7/1- Won 11-1 over Gold Rush

Handout: 2014 All Star Brackets

Monday, June 23
Summer Camps

Please visit our Sponsors Websites as many of them are offering great Summer Camps, ranging from Baseball Camps, Youth Sports Training Camps and Wakeboarding Camps.  You can also find more information on their camps on their Facebook pages.  Thank you for supporting the businesses that support our league.

Elite Athletics- www.eliteathleticsca.com

Fitness MD-  www.fitnessmdonline.com

Wake Island- www.wakeislandwatersports.com

 Extra Innings- www.extrainnings-rocklin.com

Monday, June 23
2014/2015 Woodcreek Board Roster

Woodcreek Little League would like to thank all that came out to the elections held Friday night.  We would like to say Thank You to the the following board members for their time and dedication to the league, as they will not be returning next year:

Raul Cervantes, Jana Cervantes, Tom Bauser, Jenn Bauser, Marc Astor, Brad Court, John Brusa, Chris Keim and Edgar Swope

Thank You for your countless hours and dedication to the board, league, community and the kids. 

We would like to congratulate and welcome the following returning and new 2014/2015 board members:

President:                                             Tim Peters
Vice President & Scheduling:                 Nick Hendricks 
Information Officer:                            Darin Gong
Secretary/Safety Officer:                  Twanya Ortega 
Umpire in Chief:                                   Mark Truscott
Treasurer:                                            Mike Harvey
Registrar:                                             Michael Burwell  
Finance & Sponsorship Director:           Tiffany McDaniel
Equipment Manager:                              Makani Lum
Field Director:                                      Bill Catterlin 
Asst. Field Director:                             Marc Mostajo
Events Coordinator:                              Julie Thompson
Snack Bar Coordinator:                        Tina McCullom 
Junior/Senior Player Agent:                 Bob Blankenship
Major Player Agent:                              Scott Thompson 
AAA Player Agent:                                Jerry Frost
AA Player Agent:                                  Brian Boal 
Farm Player Agent:                               Nick Magadia 
T-Ball Player Agent:                             Kevin Thompson

2014/2015 Officers will take their new role October 2014.  Thanks again to all!!

Wednesday, June 11
Congratulations All Star Teams

Congratulations to the following players for being selected to the following all star teams.

Senior Team:

Mason Whitney, Nick Hendricks, Jack Fitzpatrick, Aidan Gums, Zach Horne, Justin Smith, Spencer Cody, Dylon Steinhoff, Casey Fischbach, Jack Frantz, Jack Klein, Dorian Carpenter, Jeremy Heister, and Jeremy McCullom

Junior Team:

Colton Baron, Kyle Colin, Dylan Hess, Kyle Kern, Nicholas Paolini, Ryan Harvey, Greg Rotteveel, Kaden Siska, Justin Gangwish, Weston Huff, Declan O'Bryan, Trevor Rice, Garrett Shurtz

11/12 Team:

Ethan Astor, JT Bauser, James Courshon, Bryce Court, Alec Gums, Jason Hanson, Jake Headington, Cameron Jones, Aiden Martinez, Dylan Morillas, Ryan Palmer, Andrew Paolini, Riley Regan, Zachery Watari

11 Team:

Luke Aubin, Cade Blevins, Kyler Coburn, Ethan Gonthier, Braden Grover, Daniel Hirata, Carson Keim, John Klus, William Le, Anthony Martinez, Dominic Ott, Cooper Thompson, Michael Wright

9/10 Team:

Cole Awtrey, Tyler Blankenship, Connor Enslow, Gerald Hanson, Jacob Harvey, Isaac Hawthrone, Garrett Krupp, Kyle Malkiewicz, Zackary Malone, Nico Nielsen, Braeden Sloan, Riley Tagert, Caden Thompson, Jacob Whitaker


If you are selected for the All-Star team, there will be a MANDATORY team meeting at Mahany Park on Thursday, June 12th, at the shade structure.  


5:00 p.m. for the 9/10 year old team               5:00 p.m. for the Majors team


4:00 p.m. for the 11 year old team                  8:00 p.m. for the Juniors team


All parents and players must attend this meeting.  This is a meeting that will cover Tournament Rules, uniforms, and the schedule. Please bring a check- Cost will be $115 for the uniform package.  All Star Parents will also be responsible for volunteering for 2- 2 Hour shifts in the snack bar during TOC’s.  Parents will have the ability to buy out for $40 as a separate check. 




Sunday, February 16
Friendly Reminder About Parking at Your Practices

Just a reminder there is NO PARKING ALLOWED in residential permit parking zones. You will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners expense for violations.  There have been problems in the past and the city is buckling down on this issue so please be sure that you are not violating parking rules.

Elite Athletics
Wednesday, December 11
Elite Athletics is the newest World Series Sponsor

Does your little Leaguer want to hit harder, throw farther or run faster? Could your team use specialized instruction in hitting, fielding, pitching, throwing or base running? Do your coaches need some coaching themselves? No matter what position you play, there’s always room to improve your game and now there’s a new place to do it! Construction is wrapping up on a state-of-the-art baseball, fitness and sports performance facility in Roseville, Elite Athletics.
Elite Athletics works with players of all ages (7 years and older) and skill levels. By utilizing the most progressive technology, systems and techniques in Northern California, Elite Athletics’ professional coaching staff has all the tools necessary to maximize each player’s performance, beginning with the initial assessment to building a custom designed program that addresses the specific needs of the player. What makes Elite Athletics different is that they go further, by performing periodic reassessments to ensure the progress and development of each player, all encompassed in a positive environment that is also fun and motivating.
Features & Amenities
•             16,000 Square Foot Professional Grade Facility
•             8 Tunnels
•             6 Indoor Mounds
•             Video Analysis
•             Online Access
•             Experienced, Professional Coaches
•             FREE Assessments & Reassessments
•             Customized Individual Programs
•             One-on-One Coaching
•             Semi-Private or Small Group Coaching 
•             Group Training
•             Team Training
•             Camps
•             Clinics 
•             Fitness & Sports Performance Center
•             Nutrition Consultations
•             Speed & Agility Training
Elite Athletics is now open and is currently scheduling FREE baseball and fitness assessments. For more information please contact  info@EliteAthleticsCA.com or (916) 245-3030.

Go Beyond the Cages…Go to Elite Athletics!

Elite Athletics (916) 245-3030
10560 Industrial Ave. #150 Roseville, CA 95678
(located behind Flip2It! Sports Center)



Tuesday, January 21
Woodcreek Little League Spirit Wear

Sports Chalet and Woodcreek Little League have teamed up to provide all of your Spirit Wear for the upcoming 2014 Season.  Click on the link above and order you spirit wear today.

Friday, November 22
Woodcreek Little League is currently seeking sponsors.

Woodcreek Little League is always accepting additional sponsors.  Please contact Marc Mostajo for additional information.  Please see the attached forms to sign up.
Handout: Sponsor Applications

Wednesday, March 6
Field Condition and Status Information

Field Status definitions and information:

OPEN:           Field is open and playable

CLOSED:       Stay off!!!

Reinspect:     If the infield is muddy and has puddles, DO NOT USE!!!

               If the grass is soft, muddy and squishy, DO NOT USE!!!

   ** if reinspect is the status, it is the discretion of the Managers, Umpires, and League Board Members to make the decision to cancel due to unplayable conditions and safety hazards.   If you have any questions as to whether a field is playable contact Edgar Swope, our fields director and or your player Agent for your specific division. (Decisions to cancel, must follow the playability criteria as outlined in the City's Inclement Weather Policy)

Note that if the games are cancelled, and it is not raining at the time, fields are closed for a reason and no practicing should be taking place on the fields. 

Wednesday, December 5
Little League of America Composite Bat Information

Little League International has assembled an online resource page dedicated to baseball bat information. Click here to find the latest bat information, including the 2012 Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers and licensed bat lists.

Please click on link for more information.

Friday, May 11

Woodcreek Little League takes pride in our program, our facilities and most importantly our PLAYERS.   Due to an unusually high number of recent incidents, we are forced to send out a reminder of our Parents Code Conduct. We all received this in our registration packet, and should all be following this code of conduct at all times on and off the field. Please take the time to read and review what is mandatory of us as parents.

**Any parent guilty of improper conduct at any game or practice will be asked to leave the sports facility and be suspended from the following game. Repeat violations may cause a multiple game suspension, or the season forfeiture of the privilege of attending all games.

Handout: Parents Code of Conduct

Thursday, March 22
WLL Game Coordinator FAQ's

For more information regarding the "Game Coordinator", which is a mandatory position that must be present at games with Junior Umpires, click on the Forms/Documents tab on the left.  There you will be able to download a copy of the job description and FAQ's.

Tuesday, January 3
Woodcreek Little League on Facebook

Looking for more ways to be a part of Woodcreek Little League? Join our Facebook Page for all of the latest news and information about the upcoming season. 

Wednesday, February 26
Woodcreek Little League needs your help to help local leagues in need.


Woodcreek Little League donated 8 boxes of gently used batting helmets, bats, gloves and catchers gear to a local Little League that was in need of equipment.  Many of the kids in this league showed up to try outs without even a glove.  With the support of Woodcreek Little League and its members, we were able to help out this league. 

Thank you to the Board and all those that donated. 

Woodcreek Little League will be donating equipment to some local leagues in other districts that are in need.  If you have any gently used equipment that you no longer need, please bring it to one of the sign ups.  We will have drop off locations available for these items.  Lets help those who are not as fortunate.  These donations are greatly appreciated and teach our players to help others.   Thank You.   Woodcreek Little League Board