Rebel Yell Sports: Rebel News: West Monroe 63 Southwood 14

Tuesday, November 11
West Monroe 63 Southwood 14

West Monroe 63  Southwood 14

West Monroe scored early and had a 42-0 lead at the

end of the 1st qt. The reserves came in from that point on.

D.J. Banks connected with Josh Remedies on a 50 yard pass.

 LaDarius Abrams scored 3 td's in the 1st qt. and had 99 yards

on 7 carries and his night was over.

Reserve back Domcorius Powell had 8 carries for 100 yards and

2 td's. Eric Talton also had a td.

Barkevious Minko recovered a fumble for a td.

I don't believe we had a starter in the game from the 2nd qt. on.

The Rebels had 22 first downs, 16 rushing, 6 passing.

295 yards rushing, 101 passing and 7 td's.

The Rebel's DeFense held Southwood to 44 yards rushing, 16 yards

passing and 7 first downs.  Ty Noel also recovered a fumble.

The DeFense only gave up one score and that was in the 2nd half

on our subs.