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Wednesday, October 3
West Monroe vs Airline

West Monroe 49 vs Airline 6

West Monroe only had the ball for 13:44 and scored 49 points which equals a touchdown less than 2:oo minutes per drive.

The Rebels scored at will and just about every player on the team had a chance to play. This makes the 5th game in a row where the Rebels starters have left the game early in the game. The Rebels are averaging almost 50 points per game and have yet to have the starters play a complete game.

The Rebels had 486 yards of offense and averaged 15.2 yards per play.

The Rebels only ran 32 offensive plays compared to 59 for Airline. The Rebels again did not have to punt for the 3rd time this season.

Shelby Aulds was 8 for 9 for 204 yards and 3 td's. The receivers were LaDarius Abrams 2 for 35 yards, 1 td, Mario Wiley 2 for 35 yards, Mychael Manning 2 for 86 yards and a td, Don Brown 1 for 31 yards and a td, Brad Bell 1 for 19 and D.J.Banks 1 for 17. D.J. was 1 for 2 for 19 yards.

The Rebels only had the ball for one series in the 3rd quarter which was :15 when Shelby Aulds found Mychael Manning for a 72 yard td.

Rushing the Rebels were led by D.J. Banks 5 for 94 yards and a td, Jordan Pleasant 5 for 81 yards and 2 td's, LaDarius Abrams 3 for 60 and a td, Josh Brasher 2 for 11, Demetri Hampton 1 for 8, Deon Fowler 1 for 4, Eric Talton 1 for 3 and Don Brown 1 for 3.

The DeFense held Airline to less than 60 yards when the starters were in in the first half and look like they are getting better game by game. Les Aulds was the leader on tackles with 12.