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Monday, September 24
West Monroe vs Ouachita Recap

Clash of The Old 2-5A

West Monroe 3-0 vs Ouachita 2-1 at Rebel Stadium

West Monroe 55 Ouachita 23
The Rebel scored first on a 8 yard td pass from Shelby Aulds to D.J.Bank!
After that Ouachita had a drive and was in the red zone when they attempted a pass when Les Aulds stepped in front of the pass and raced the opposite way to put the Rebels up 13-0.
Ouachita scored and it looked to be a ballgame! West Monroe took a 20-7 lead before Ouachita scored 10 straight points making it 20-17.
Ouachita never could stop West Monroe with the ground game of the Rebels.
The Rebels went in at half 34-17 and never looked back.
LaDarius and Brown had 148 and 149 yards on the night. Don Brown had 3 td's on the night and punished anyone that tried to bring him down.
The Rebels had 377 yards on the ground and totally dominated the game except for the time of possesion.
All I can say is this team has a great chemistry and are only going to get better.
Jordan Pleasant showed his versaltility tonight moving fron DeFense to running back and had some real good runs. 
D.J.Banks had a 58 yard kickoff return and several others also had some real good runs on punts and kickoffs.  Justin Brodnax had some long punt returns and almost had his head taken off with facemask penalty on one long return.
The DeFense had a few misques that Ouachita scored on, but overall they played great. Minko, Henry, Aulds, Kirksey, Burdeaux, Pleasant, Lee,, Eley, Noel, Clowers, Mahgoub, Gilley, Brodnax, Wiley, Glynn,Mitcham, Brassell, Block, Lay, Allen and crew were all over the field.
Mingo had 3 sacks for  31 yards in losses and  6 tackles. Les Auld had an interception for a td and 7 tackles. This interception came at a crucial point in the game.
Caleb Clowers recorded 8 tackles.
Isiah Wley and Tommy Block had 7  tackles along with Blake Brassel, Robert Lay  and Jordan Allen having 6 tackles each in the game. Jordan also had a sack giving the Rebels 4 sacks on the night.
Great game Rebels! This is the first time in a long time that I could feel the electricity in the air at a game of this magnitude.