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Sunday, September 16
West Monroe vs Byrd Recap
West Monroe 49 Byrd 7
West Monroe totally dominated Byrd tonight from the first possesion.
Shelby Aulds guided the Rebels downfield on the opening drive to take a 7-0 lead.
Then Isiah Wiley stepped in front of a Clint Bickham pass to take it to the house for the Rebels to make it 14-0 before the fans even got comfortable in their seats.
The Rebels DeFense scored 3 td's on the night and played outstanding. Isiah also recovered a fumble and scored for the Rebels.
Jordan Pleasant also scored for the DeFense on a blocked punt by the Rebels.
Shelby Aulds was 9 for 13, for 139 yards and 1 td pass to Mychael Manning.
D.J.Banks had 4 catches for 61 yards and Mario Wiley had 4 for 66 yards.
Don Brown also has a catch for 9 yards.
LaDarius Abrams had 2 td's and had 106 yards on the night.
8 different Rebels carried the ball tonight for a total of 185 yards.
Zack Kirksey made some outstanding plays on DeFense along with the whole Rebel DeFense.