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West Michigan Junior Football League

OUR MISSION...Character, Courage and Loyalty

  • West Michigan Junior Football League is a program of service to children in grades 3rd-6th for the 2015-2016 school year. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under adult leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation. The program inspires youth with a goal and enriches their lives towards the day when they must take their place in the world. It establishes the value of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.
  • West Michigan Junior Football League is currently comprised of teams from various communities. They include Allendale, Byron Center, Dorr, Fennville, Hamilton, Holland, Holland Christian, Kelloggsville, Sailor YPD, Saugatuck, Unity Christian, Wayland, West Ottawa, Wyoming and Zeeland. Our league must adhere to all rules and regulations established by the West Michigan Junior Football League.


  • The West Michigan Junior Football League is a program that is constructed, supervised, and assisted by directors who want to offer organized football to their respective communities.
  • Each community sets up and administers each of their teams.  Each Community Director is responsible for the teams that play under its registration
  • The West Michigan Youth Football League has an equal Board of Directors that consists of representatives from each community.  These directors meet to discus the further advancement of the league.  Each community MUST provide a representative to attend all necessary meetings.  Each community is assigned a task for each football season.  If a community fails to attend the necessary meetings or fails to complete their tasks they will risk being eliminated from the league.


Tuesday, October 20
Week #6 Scores Updated, Standings Finalized

The final scores can be viewed at the bottom of the home page and/or by clicking the "Game Results" tab to the left of the home page.  Final standings are based on points scored vs. points allowed and can be viewed by clicking the "Standings" tab listed to the left of the Home Page.  Please realize that in some cases communites may have reported the same games with slightly different scores.  If you think something needs to be adjusted please contact Darrin Duistermars, via e-mail for changes. 

Tuesday, September 22
Reminders for Game Day - Part II

Despite the call for potentially bad weather, all games were played without issue.  Still, a special thank you needs to be made to all of the directors for communicating with each other and being ready for possible alternate scenarios had bad weather occurred.  Thank you, directors, for staying on top of things!

The 2015 season is underway.  As happens at the beginning of the year we do have a few things to make sure you are aware of and follow through with.  The first is the issue of Weigh-Ins.  By rule, you have to have a 10lb weight to verify the accuracy of the scale.  In one community the scale was off to the "heavy" side by about 9lbs.  Please make sure you have a 10lb weight at all weigh-ins.  Second, we had a coach from one of our communities whose team was "flagged" for a penalty and disputed the call.  Obviously, that happens in all games, however, the issue here was that the coach was incorrect due to him not knowing what the rule actually was.  Simply put, coaches need to review and know the rules to the best of their ability.  Please keep that in mind when questioning a call.  You all have a rule book so please make sure you review it

Tuesday, September 1
Locations Tab Provides Directions To All Sites

With fourteen communities involved in the WMJFL that means we have multiple sites that we play at.  For Google directions, please click the "Locations" tab listeed to the left of the Home Page, scroll down to your desired site, and click the icon listed next to it.  It will automatically bring up Google Directions to that site.