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Saturday, January 17
Little League Age Change Announcement

Many of you may have heard that Little League’s national rules for child ages are going to change next year. 

Here is some basic information: 

This will affect kids born after April 30th, 2006.

Until now, the age cutoff for players has been May 1. Little League is shifting to a cutoff date of Dec. 31st (a calendar year basis). This has been debated for a while in Williamsport, and it was passed this year. The end result is that there will be no 13-year-olds in the league in future years.

There is a chart on the Little League site that outlines this in a little more detail. It is very straightforward and will show you exactly what Little League age your son or daughter will be based on their month and year of birth. 

An example: A player born in June 2006 will turn 9 next summer. In previous years, this player would be considered an 8-year-old player because they turned 9 after April 30th. Beginning this Spring season, this player will be considered a 9-year-old player. Same goes for any player turning 9 any time in 2015.

This will affect all players born after April 30th, 2006 with each age group of players born in 2007, 2008, etc. experiencing a similar shift.

Players born April 30th, 2006 and earlier will not be affected. They will remain the Little League age that they expected and play in the division they expected to play through their Little League 12-year-old year.

Please ask any board member if you have questions, and we will do our best to answer them.

I can be reached at with any follow up questions or thoughts.  I will work with the rest of the board leadership to address your questions. 


Saturday, January 17