Williston Little League: Welcome

Babe Ruth and Senior Softball registration is still open!
Welcome to Williston Little League

Williston Little League has a proud tradition of serving over 350 kids in Williston and St George each year.  Our baseball and softball seasons start with practice beginning mid-march as weather permits, and with games starting in April and lasting 6 weeks until mid-June.  

2015 registration fees and dates:

Little League Baseball (includes Tee Ball) &  Softball:  $65 for the first child, $45 for each additional child (if you are registering more than 1 kid, you will automatically receive a $20 discount per subsequent kid registered at the same time).  Rates go up $25 after March 1st.  Final registration deadline is March 10th.

Babe Ruth Baseball / Senior Softball: $125, with no additional sibling discount.  The season starts in June.

All players in all divisions receive uniforms with their fees and have access to league bats and helmets.  Just bring a mitt and cleats!  (sneakers are okay for younger divisions)

Scholarships are available for families in need. Please contact Maureen at Willistonll@yahoo.com. 

Team placement: 

NEW THIS YEAR, there will be a fun skills assessment day available for all baseball players "league age 8-10" (scroll below for more info on league age), and for any 8 year old softball players who may want to be considered for moving up to Softball Minors.   This will be on March 7th from 9-11am at the UVM Indoor Turf. 

IF your baseball player is affected by the cutoff change (birthdates between May and December; league age increased by 2 years), and you prefer not to attend the skills assessment day, they will automatically be placed in their next division up as usual (A>AA, AA>AAA, 1st year AAA > 2nd year AAA).   4-7 year olds also affected by this change will also just move up one division as usual.  However, new league age 8-9 year olds who might want to move up two divisions must attend the assessment.  (Example, a child born in 8/06 was league age 7 last year and in A division, but is league 9 this year due to the change.  This assessment will determine whether they can skip up to AAA with the older 9 year olds grandfathered in with the old cutoff age)  In addition, league age 10 year olds can be assessed for an opportunity to move up to Majors early if they'd like.  No jumps are guaranteed; they are on a space available basis and dependent on readiness and safety.

 In any case, we welcome ALL 8-10 year olds to attend because it will be fun to play baseball after a long winter,  and because it helps us balance each team too.  Any questions or concerns?  Email willistonll@yahoo.com.  Thanks!  I know it's confusing, and will continue to be so as LL's everywhere work through this transition.

Generally, the placements are by the below age groups.

T-Ball: ages 5 & 6   (note, girls are encouraged to join t-ball to prepare for softball at age 7 if they'd like to transition then; they are also welcome to continue playing baseball year after year) 

A: age 6 & 7  

AA: age 8 & 9  

AAA: ages 9 & 10

Majors: ages 11 & 12

Babe Ruth: 13 - 15 

 Softball players  are grouped by their age as of 12/31/2013.

Instructional League (Minis): ages 7 & 8

Minors: ages 9 & 10

Majors: ages 11 & 12

Senior: ages 13 - 16

Players who are new to the league, other than t-ball ages 5 & 6 and instructional softball age 7, MUST also attend the skills assessment on March 7th at UVM Indoor Turf, 9-11am, and need to bring their birth certificates. 

*** Little League Baseball Age Guidelines -  A new baseball age cutoff system from LL Int'l is beginning to take effect this year, with a final goal of making Little League a little younger overall.  Current 9-12 yo players are not affected, but kids turning 5-9 years old in May-December next year in our system will increase 2 "league age" years due to the new cutoff.  This creates a challenge in our AA-AAA divisions. We require AA for development purposes since it is a critical year for learning how to pitch (and how to hit a pitch thrown by a kid...much different than coach pitch!), and it becomes a safety concern in AAA with a 32 month age span at a time when many kids are hitting and throwing pretty hard.  Therefore we are doing the skills assessment for  8-10 year olds so we can ensure players are placed where they can learn best, stretch their development but still be safe.  And as mentioned above, you can choose not to attend the assessment and your child will just be advanced one division as usual (A to AA, AA to AAA, 1st year AAA to 2nd year AAA).

For more info: LL Int'l memo on league age changes for baseball, with chart for determining your child's league age 

 If you have questions, please email willistonll@yahoo.com.

Thanks, and Play Ball!

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