Williston Little League: Welcome

Welcome to Williston Little League

Next Little League meeting to be held Thursday October 27th 7:30PM at the Williston Police Station conference room - Officer elections. 


Williston Little League has a proud tradition of serving over 350 kids in Williston and St George each year.  Our baseball and softball seasons start with practice beginning mid-march as weather permits, and with games starting in April and lasting 6 weeks until mid-June.  

 Season Dates:

Little League- Games start 4/25 and end 6/3.  Most divisions have games 2x per week (midweek) except for Majors Baseball which will be 2-3x per week.

Rosters will be distributed to coaches in late March.

Outdoor practices for all divisions will be scheduled as soon as weather allows and are at the discretion of the coaches.  Typically our wet/cold Springs only allow a few practices before the first game. (but who knows with this crazy weather this year!)

Babe Ruth/Senior Softball - Games typically start in Mid-June after the school ball season.

2016 registration fees and dates:

Little League Baseball (includes Tee Ball) &  Softball:  $65 for the first child, $45 for each additional child (if you are registering more than 1 kid, you will automatically receive a $20 discount per subsequent kid registered at the same time).  Rates go up $25 after February 19th.  Final registration deadline is March 4th.

Babe Ruth Baseball / Senior Softball: $130, with no additional sibling discount.  Registration closes at the end of May and the season starts in June.

All players in all divisions receive uniforms with their fees and have access to league bats and helmets.  Just bring a mitt and cleats!  (sneakers are okay for younger divisions)

Scholarships are available for families in need. Please contact Maureen at Willistonll@yahoo.com. 

Team placement: 

Generally, the placements are by the below age groups. Please check the Little League Age Calculators to know what "league age" your child is. There was a change again this year for baseball players born between September and December in years 2006, 2007 and beyond. Effectively, the new age cutoff for Baseball is 8/31 for all kids born in 2006 and up. Kids born in 2005 and older are not affected.

T-Ball: ages 5 & 6   (note, girls are encouraged to join t-ball to prepare for softball at age 7 if they'd like to transition then; they are also welcome to continue playing baseball year after year) 

A: age 6 & 7  

AA: age 8 & 9  

AAA: ages 9 & 10

Majors: ages 11 & 12

Babe Ruth: 13 - 15 

 Softball players  are grouped by their age as of 12/31/2015.

Instructional League (Minis): ages 7 & 8

Minors: ages 9 & 10

Majors: ages 11 & 12

Senior: ages 13 - 16

For more info on baseball "league ages": LL Int'l memo on league age changes for baseball, with chart for determining your child's league age 

Click here for Softball age determination: http://www.littleleague.org/leagueofficers/Determine_League_Age/League_Age_Calculator.htm

 If you have questions, please email willistonll@yahoo.com.

Thanks, and let's Play Ball!

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