Whitney LL: Welcome

Opening Day Schedules


7:00 AM (T-Ball) Red Sox & (T-Ball) Cubs
7:15 AM (T-Ball) A's & (T-Ball) Rangers
7:30 AM (T-Ball) Angels & (T-Ball) Giants
7:45 AM (Minor B) A's & (Minor B) Red Sox
8:00 AM (Minor A) Cardinals & (Minor A) Brewers
8:15 AM (Majors) Blue Jays & (Majors) Pirates
8:30 AM (Minor B) Cubs & (Minor B) Royals
8:45 AM (Minor A) Royals & (Minor A) Giants
9:00 AM (Minor B) Reds & (Minor B) Giants
10:45 AM (Minor A) Diamondbacks & (Juniors) Giants
11:00 AM (Majors) Red Sox  


11:00am Cubs vs Red Sox
12:15pm Rangers vs A's
1:30pm Giants vs Angels

Minor B
11:00am Red Sox vs A's
1:00pm Royals vs Cubs
3:00pm Giants vs Reds

Minor A
11:30am Brewers vs Cardinals
1:30pm Eastern Giants vs Royals
3:45pm Diamondbacks vs Giants

11:30am Pirates vs Blue Jays
3:00pm Northridge A's vs Red Sox

4:30pm Giants vs Fair Oaks/Orangevale Red Sox (Phoenix Field) 


USA Baseball 12U Open Development Camp April 19, at Sac City College 



Welcome to Whitney Little League’s 2015 Spring Season

Welcome to the 55th season of Whitney Little League Spring Ball. To our returning players and families and our newest members, welcome. The viability of our league is directly related to volunteer efforts of the Board of Directors, Managers, Coaches, parents and a host of others. On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for your participation.

The league is forming teams, completing registrations, appointing Managers and Coaches, assigning practice times and fields, developing game and inter-league schedules, preparing the Whitney playing fields and all the details that involve the operation of a Chartered Little League. As is with any change of administrations there exists a learning curve for the volunteers and their duties. This year we experienced not only a newly elected Board of Directors but also Little League provided a new Age Determination Chart, causing some new and returning players to be automatically moved up an age division, and expanded league boundaries to include school of attendance when determining league eligibility. As a result the registration process was delayed leaving a number of players in all divisions awaiting assignment to a team and the development of additional teams and coaches in the T-ball and Minor B Divisions. To all affected “Thank You” for your patience. The Player Agent, the Coaching Coordinator and members of the Board of Directors have made efforts to accommodate the many requests for player placement and have done an exceptional job at balancing the teams to provide the best possible experience for our players.

As practices begin and Opening Day - Pancake Breakfast - Pictures and Opening Day Games looms (Saturday, March 21st) your efforts and participation in the annual Field Day Clean-up (Saturday, February 28th) is requested. Bring your rakes, shovels, wheel burros, weed eaters, hoes, blowers and elbow grease to help us make our fields “game ready.” More information regarding start times and projects for Field Day to be announced.

Our mission is to put players in uniform, in a game, for a season, with Managers, Coaches, Umpires and crew on safe and tended fields. All the while developing Character, Courage and Loyalty amongst our players. This is achieved through the all-volunteer efforts of the parents and families of our community.

Not the last or the least of information that we’ll be sharing throughout the season but for now, thank you for your participation and thank you for your efforts. See you at the fields.

Joe Rose
Whitney Little League

For League and Contact information: www.whitneylittleleague.com

Opening Day is around the corner - Saturday, March 21!


Whitney Little League is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization and has been a member of Little League International, Inc. for over 40 years. Our goal is to not only promote an understanding and appreciation for the sport of baseball, but to also instill a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, courage and community in our young players.