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Windsor Locks High School Boys Soccer
Windsor Locks High School Boys Soccer:Awards  
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Get Directions to RaidersWindsor Locks Local Weather
Frank Giannuzzi
58 South Elm Street
Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Coaches Award

2006: Nick Pacino
2009: Cory Colone
2011: Tyler DeMarco

Most Improved Player
2004: Robert Parracino
2005: Kyle Cirillo
2006: David Shaw
2007: Spencer Bernard
2008: Christopher Swider
2010: Jonnathan Oliveira
2011: Chris Toce

Best Defensive Player
2004: Joel Weisel
2005: Daniel Bycenski
2007: Kyle Cosker
2008: Mark Lindberg
2009: Trung Tran
2010: Jake Levesque

2004 NCCC Senior All-Stars

04 nccc senior all-stars
Rob Boscarino, Keith Bednarz, Tom Wrinn and Craig Kulas
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2005 NCCC Senior All-Stars

Chad Giannuzzi and Joel Weisel
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2006 NCCC Senior All-Stars
On Saturday, 11/25, at Somers, Locks and NCCC teams from the west side of the CT river defeated the east, 3 to 1.

Dan Bycenski, Joe Spath, David Boscarino and Joe Griskewicz
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2007 NCCC Senior All-Stars

On Saturday, 11/24, at Somers, Locks and NCCC teams from the west side of the CT river defeated the east, 5 to 3.

07_nccc sr all-stars
Nick Pacino, Spencer Bernard, David Shaw, Kyle Cosker, and Kyle Cirillo
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Sunday, November 23
2008 NCCC Senior All-Stars

On Saturday, 11/22, at Somers High School, Locks and NCCC teams from the west side of the CT river tied the east, 3 to 3.

Andrew Yellen, Dennis Claffey, Chris Swider, and David Balboni
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Saturday, November 28
2009 NCCC Senior All-Stars
Match played on Saturday, 11/28, at Enfield High School.  Great job Raiders!

09 nccc sr all-stars
Trung Tran, Cory Colone, Mark Lindberg, Nick Hallett, Andrew Toce. & Nick Swider
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Sunday, November 28
2010 NCCC Senior All-stars
Matched played on Saturday, 11/27, at Enfield High School.

10 nccc all-stars
Mike Chmelowski, Mike Drangenis, and Josh Poissant
view full size

Monday, November 28
2011 NCCC Senior All-stars
Match played on Sunday, 11/27, at VMP in Windsor Locks.

2011 nccc sr all-stars
Jake Levesque, Max Prebit and Taylor Starbird
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All Conference
1998/NCCC: Brendan Copes, Eric McPeat, and Todd Johnson
1999/NCCC: Brett Giannuzzi and Scott Johnson
2000/NCCC: Scott Johnson and Erik Giannuzzi
2001/NCCC: Paul Bucchieri and Erik Giannuzzi
2002/NCCC: Erik Giannuzzi and Scott LaTorra
2003/NCCC: Scott LaTorra
2004/NCCC: Rob Boscarino
2005/NCCC: Chad Giannuzzi
2006/NCCC: Joe Griskewicz
2007/NCCC: Nick Pacino
2008/NCCC: Dennis Claffey
2009/NCCC: Mark Lindberg and Andrew Toce
2010/NCCC: Josh Poissant
2011/NCCC: Tyler DeMarco

1998/Class S: Brendan Copes and Eric McPheat
1999/Class S: Brett Giannuzzi
2001/Class M: Paul Bucchieri
2002/Class M: Erik Giannuzzi

Connecticut Soccer Coaches Association Senior Bowl Selections
1999/Region 2: Brett Giannuzzi
2002/Region 2: Erik Giannuzzi
2005/Region 2: Chad Giannuzzi
2009/Region 1: Mark Lindberg


2000: Brett Giannuzzi, CT High School Scholar-Athlete
2001: Scott Johnson, CT High School & CHSCA Scholar-Athlete
2002: Ryan Marinone, CT High School Scholar-Athlete
2006: Joel Weisel, CT High School Scholar-Athlete
2009: Andrew Yellen, CT High School Scholar Athlete
2010: Trung Tran, Fall semester JI All-Academic Team. Mark Lindberg, CT High School Scholar Athlete

2012: Taylor Starbird, Fall semester JI All-Academic Team.

All-Courant Boys Soccer
2002: Erik Giannuzzi (Honorable Mention)

Windsor Locks High School Boys Soccer
Windsor Locks High School Boys Soccer
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